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Visual Arts Practice and Affect

Visual Arts Practice and Affect

Place, Materiality and Embodied Knowing

Edited by Ann Schilo

Part of the series Place, Memory, Affect

Publication Date: Sep 2016

Pages 210


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Visual Arts Practice and Affect brings together a group of artist scholars to explore how visual arts can offer unique insights into the understanding of place, memory and affect. Each contributor highlights the crucial role the creative arts play in envisaging new perspectives on the making of meaning, ones that are grounded in the practicalities, materialities and embodied knowing of artistic practice. Art offers other ways of seeing, thinking, understanding the world. It can be very messy, very challenging, but also moving, exquisite, astounding. The book opens a space for experiential appreciation by offering a writing that allows both the writer and the reader to consider those sorts of embodied sensibilities

Introduction /1. Sketching a discursive terrain, Ann Schilo / 2. Locating the colonial archive, Thea Costantino / 3. Lyrical Landscapes, Ann Schilo / 4. Touchstone, Anna Sabadini / 5. Residency – An Account Of Otherworldly Dwelling And The Artefacts Of Place, Anna Nazzari / 6 Proximity of Knowing, Susanna Castleden / Conclusion / Bibliography / Index

This erudite and accessible book is a welcome addition to the growing body of literature on artistic research. As in a tête-à-tête with an old friend, Ann Schilo confides her insights and the compelling first hand accounts of her four artist scholars illuminate ways an artwork comes into being through inner dialogue and an interweaving of reflective, analytical and emotional processes.

Lesley Duxbury, Professor, RMIT University

In Visual Arts Practice and Affect: Place, Materiality and Embodied Knowing, Ann Schilo and her four colleagues — and former students — continue their ongoing project to interrogate their practice as artists and writers rooted in Western Australia. Through a deft mix of “… geographical location, social and cultural meanings, historical conjunctions, embodied sensibilities and lived experience” they re-examine the ethos of this place as a catalyst for the ideas that inform their work as artists. Their intertwining journeys reassert a shared belief in the importance of the visual arts as a way of knowing and interpreting the world.

Ted Snell, Professor, University of Western Australia

Beautifully written, Visual Arts Practice and Affect unravels key geographic concepts – place, landscape, region, space, and body – while seeking ‘ways of drawing an intelligence’ about the ‘practical aesthetics’ and challenges that constitute visual arts practice. Readers follow the journeys of five non-Indigenous female artist-scholars based in Western Australia as they navigate ruins, whale teeth, topographics, colonial settler subjectivities, scholarly texts, paintings, granite boulders, mappings and print-making.

Karen Till, Senior Lecturer, Maynooth University, Ireland

Ann Schilo is a Senior lecturer in the School of Design and Art at Curtin University

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