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The Politics of Bodies at Risk

The Politics of Bodies at Risk

The Human in the Body

By Maria Boikova Struble

Publication Date: Apr 2019

Pages 192

Hardback 9781786601223
Ebook 9781786601247
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An understanding of International Relations exclusively as a sphere plagued by countless known and unknown risks, looming disasters and imminent threats leaves an important aspect of the study of politics unengaged – that of the human herself.

The Politics of Bodies at Risk re-engages and re-conceptualizes politics from the point of view of the everyday experiences of human materiality living with risk across geopolitical worlds and state borders. Re-imagining human bodies as productive, singular and embodied materiality removes them from an understanding of “life” in an age of terror as pejorative, dispensable, and burdensome, enabling a novel understanding of politics as an embodiment of human bodies with risk, and not as a sphere of activity aimed primarily at managing, silencing, and normalizing the risky other.

Drawing on case studies from several countries and across several disciplines,
The Politics of Bodies at Risk investigates the possibility of developing an understanding of the productive possibilities contained in engaging with the human body as a site of a radical interconnectedness between politics, singularity, risk, and security.
1. Introduction / 2. The Risky Body and the State / 3. The Pregnant Body and Death in Nepal / 4. Migrations / 5. Traffic of Bodies: Marketing Eastern European Women / 6. Politics of Elderly Care / 7. Terrorizing Bodies / Conclusion / Bibliography
Maria Struble is an Associate Professor of Politics and Government at Western State Colorado University.

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