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Precarious Belongings

Affect and Nationalism in Asia

Edited by Chih-ming Wang and Daniel PS Goh

4 Reviews

This edited collection explores affect in nationalism as method of producing inclusion and exclusion in Asia.

Hardback ISBN: 9781786602244 Release date: Apr 2017
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In the midst of refugee crises, terrorist attacks and territorial disputes across the globe, nationalism remains a powerful force in generating affects of inclusion and exclusion. In Asia, inter-Asian migration, enabled and disrupted by a history of colonialism, capitalist globalization and political conflicts, has rendered the idea of nation as both politically distinct and culturally malleable.
Precarious Belongings: Affect and Nationalism in Asia explores the affective politics of Asian nationalism by addressing the entwined structures of precarious belonging and national feelings. Bringing together leading scholars it looks at how the reification of nationalism in social movements, popular sentiments, online groups, and cultural representation directs hatred towards migrant and minority groups across Asia. The book posits that nationalist affects are embedded in the politics of exclusion, and seeks to make room for precarious belongings in the transnational and multicultural present. It should be of interest to students and scholars interested in Asian Cultural Studies, transnationalism, migration and nationalism.

1. Introduction: Tracking the Affective Twists in Asian Nationalisms, Chih-ming Wang/ Part I: The The Dialectics of Love and Hate/ 2. Complex Histories of the Foreign in Indonesia, Adrian Vickers/ 3. Hate-Loving Nation-State: Theorizing Asian Nationalist Affects, Kwai-Cheung Lo/ 4. Introverted Jingoism in a Post-Imagined-Community Digital Era: The Upswings of Hate Speech Demonstration in Japan, Koichi Iwabuchi/ Part II: Precarious Belongings/ 5. “We Are Already Living Together”: Race, Collective Struggle, and the Reimagined Nation in Post-3/11 Japan, Vivian Shaw/ 6. From the Outside: Performing Korean Diaspora, Redoing National Affiliation, Hyunjung Lee/ 7. Loyalty on Trial: Chinese-Filipinos and the West Philippine Sea Dispute, Tina Clemente/ Part III: Affected Selves/ 8. “Freedom is Elsewhere:” Circulating Affect and Aversion for Asian and Islamic Others in Indonesia, Carol Chan/ 9. “Let’s Save the Nation from being Multicultural!”: The Emergence of the Anti-multiculturalist Movements in South Korea, Hyun Mee Kim/ 10. “Feels so Foreign in My Own Homeland:” Xenophobia and National Identity in Singapore, Raj Velayutham/ 11. Becoming a Revanchist City: Reflections on Hong Kong Nativist Affects, Iam Chong Ip/ Part IV: The Affective Order and the Rise of China/ 12. Image-Driven Nationalism: Visuality, Digital Platform, and Generation Post-80s, Jack Qiu/ 13. Sydney’s Chinatown and the Rise of China, Daniel PS Goh/ 14. The Geopolitical Unconscious of Inter-Asia, Daniel PS Goh/ Index

Chih-ming Wang is Associate Research Fellow at the Institute of European and American Studies, Academia Sinica. He is the author of Transpacific Articulations: Student Migration and the Remaking of Asian America (University of Hawaii Press, 2013), and guest-editor of the “Asian American Studies in Asia” special issue of Inter-Asia Cultural Studies (2012).

Daniel PS Goh is Associate Professor at the Department of Sociology at National University of Singapore, and the Convener of Cultural Studies Minor and Cultural Studies in Asia PhD Programme. He is the editor of Worlding Multiculturalisms (Routledge, 2015), and co-editor of Race and Multiculturalism in Malaysia and Singapore (Routledge, 2009).

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4 Reviews

Relationships between affect and national identity are a crucial aspect of the critical perspectivism ushered in by contemporaneity. This book is an important contribution to knowledge of those relationships in Asian contexts.

Paul Gladston, Professor of Contemporary Visual Cultures and Critical Theory, University of Nottingham

Given the contemporary recrudescence of nationalism in varied forms across Europe, Asia, and North America, this publication is a timely one, providing significant insights from a wide variety of Asian perspectives.

Christopher Connery, Professor, World Literature and Cultural Studies, University of California, Santa Cruz

Asian nationalisms have often been discussed as state ideologies. The present volume rather discusses Asian nations as communal identities constituted by affects. Its demonstration of the seamless interweaving of love and hate in the operation of Asian nations is both fascinating and disturbing.

Kristen Nordhaug, Professor of Development Studies, Oslo and Akershus University College

This illuminating collection offers grounded studies of experiences shaped by various nationalist moods being mobilised across Asia. It is also a riveting read for anyone anywhere concerned by the new forms of populism, civic disenchantment, ‘hate-loving’ speech, and digital militancy erupting now world-wide. Posing the question of conviviality in an age of precarity, this book helps us all to think.

Meaghan Morris, Professor of Gender and Cultural Studies, University of Sydney

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