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New Directions in Peacebuilding Evaluation

Edited by Tamra Pearson dEstrée

In this landmark collection, the voices of pathMakers and innovators in peacebuilding evaluation are assembled to provide new direction for the field.

Hardback ISBN: 9781786612434 Release date: Nov 2019
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Ebook ISBN: 9781786612458 Release date: Nov 2019
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Series: Peace and Security in the 21st Century

Pages: 258


In this landmark collection, the voices of pathmakers and innovators in peacebuilding evaluation are assembled to provide new direction for the field. Stock is taken of the development and challenges of engaging in the real-time learning that evaluation requires. Best practices for overcoming challenges are discussed and critiqued, as well as some of the basic assumptions guiding the field. New means of gathering information and understanding conflict processes are offered and examined. To continue to evolve and strengthen peacebuilding practices and professionalism, multiple calls are issued for collaborative learning and a field-wide effort at community inquiry.



Part I: Taking Stock

Chapter 1:A Refresher on Evaluation

Tamra Pearson d’Estrée

Chapter 2:Peacebuilding Evaluation: Two Decades of Evolution

Cheyanne Scharbatke-Church

Chapter 3:Challenges in Peacebuilding Evaluation: Voices From the Field

Mohammed Abu-Nimer

Chapter 4:Talking for the Sake of It, or Making a Difference? Measuring and Evaluating Track Two Diplomacy

Peter Jones

Part II: New Directions

Chapter 5:Scrambling after Moving Targets: Monitoring & Evaluation Applied to Adaptive Management Approaches in Peacebuilding

Peter Woodrow & Isabella Jean

Chapter 6:Using Action Evaluation to Identify Shared Conceptions of Success: Towards Generating Islands of Theory

Jay Rothman & Deborah Sachare

Chapter 7:Everyday Peace Indicators: Renegotiating Rigor for Peacebuilding Evidence

Pamina Firchow & Zach Tilton

Chapter 8:Judging Peacebuilding: Attending to Values in Evaluation

Reina Neufeldt

Part III: Increasing Capacities

Chapter 9:Reflective Practice in the Face of Complexity

Tamra Pearson d’Estrée

Chapter 10:Developing Essential Evaluation Competency in Conflict Resolution Professionals

Mara Schoeny & Susan Allen

Chapter 11:‘Through the Portal and What the Peacebuilding Field Found There’: The DME for Peace Website and the Path to More Rigorous Design, Monitoring and Evaluation Practice

Nick Oatley

Tamra Pearson d’Estrée is Henry R. Luce Professor of Conflict Resolution in the Josef Korbel School of International Studies at the University of Denver and has co-directed DU’s Conflict Resolution Institute since 2002.

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