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Immigration, Integration and Mobility

Immigration, Integration and Mobility

New Agendas in Migration Studies

By Dr Adrian Favell

Publication Date: Jan 2015

Pages 210

Paperback 9781907301728
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A compilation of Adrian Favell's innovative and agenda-setting essays which, since the late 1990s, have charted the emergence of new migration patterns and politics in Europe. Tackling in turn issues of multiculturalism, immigrant integration, free movement, high skilled mobilities, new East-West migrations and regional integration, the collection offers a comprehensive introduction to the dynamic field of international migration studies. At the same time, it poses a sharp challenge to current complacencies, challenging researchers to escape methodological nationalism and the unreflective reproduction of concepts and assumptions in the field, as well as embracing new methodologies and theoretical resources. Moving fluidly across intellectual boundaries as much as national borders, Favell points the way forward to new thinking in this burgeoning and rapidly evolving interdisciplinary field.

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