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Feeling Animal Death

Feeling Animal Death

Being Host to Ghosts

By Brianne Donaldson and Ashley King

Publication Date: Jul 2019

Pages 368


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The emotional exchange between so-called “humans” and more-than-human creatures is an overlooked phenomenon in societies characterized by the ubiquitous deaths of animals. This text offers examples of people across diverse disciplines and perspectives—from biomedical research to black theology to art—learning and performing emotions, expanding their desires, discovering new ways to behave, and altering their sense of self, purpose, and community because of passionate, but not romanticized, attachments to animals. By articulating the emotional ties that bind them to specific animals’ lives and deaths, these authors play host to creaturely ghosts who reorient their world vision and work in the world, offering examples of affect and feeling needed to enliven multi-species ethics.


List of Images

Introduction—Transformed by Ghosts: Toward Futures of Less Loss

Brianne Donaldson

I: Overcoming Institutional Numbness

1 Visual Feeling One

Jo-Anne McArthur

2 The Gift of the Monkey Who Danced into Oblivion and the One Dressed in a Cage

John P. Gluck

3 Mourning Tiger Mascots in Baton Rouge

Nathan P. Kalmoe and Kathryn K. Will

4 Ghostly Greyhounds: Running the Race, Living through Memory

Bradley Rowe and Suzanne Rice

5 Encountering Loss: A Search for Minnesota's Moose in a Changing Climate

Elizabeth Singleton

6 Claimed by Roadkill

Matthew Calarco

7 Prophetic Labrador: Expanding (Black) Theology by Overcoming the Invisibility of

Animal Life and Death

Christopher Carter

II: The Public Power of Intimate Sorrow

8 Visual Feeling Two

Julia Schlosser

9 “Every Love Story is a Ghost Story”: The Transformative Power of Dog Dedication

Jessica Ullrich

10 Hos-Pet-Ality: Handmade Selves and Transspeciated Femininity

Ashley King

11 Macey's Ashes: After-Death Care of Companion Animals as Interspecies Family

Amy Defibaugh

12 The Transformer: Approaching the Assisted Death of Animals and Humans with

Epistemic Humility and Uncertainty

L. Syd M Johnson

13 “How Do you Know His Name is Gabriel?”: Finding Communion with the Singular Lives of Creatures

Anne Mamary

14 Nikki: The Passing of a Herd's Matriarch

Susie Coston

III: Experiments in Feeling and Ritual

15 Visual Feeling Three

Adam Wolpa

16 Logos, Pathos, and the Absent Presence of the Persons We Eat

Brian G. Henning and Hope Philea Henning

17 Ghosts at a Glance: Four Animal Fragments

Anat Pick, with illustrations by Shira Avivi-Weisz

18 Goats of My Childhood: Rethinking Islamic Sacrifice without Animals

Saadullah Bashir

19 Living in Awareness of the Dead: Buddhist Experiments in Ethical Sensibility

Justin Fifield

20 Francisco y Chica: Feeling Memory Across Borders

Juan Fernando Villagómez

21 Salvaging Shame, Saving Ourselves: The Productive Role of Shame for Animals and

Marginalized Life

Brianne Donaldson and Isaac Willis

22 Ghost Stories: An Epilogue

Ashley King

Brianne Donaldson is the Bhagwaan Mahavir/Chao Family Foundation fellow in Jain studies at Rice University in Houston, Texas. She is the author of Creaturely Cosmologies: Why Metaphysics Matters for Animal and Planetary Liberation (2015), and the edited collections Beyond the Bifurcation of Nature: A Common World for Animals and the Environment (2014), and The Future of Meat without Animals (with Christopher Carter) (2016).

Ashley King is a doctoral candidate in religious studies at Northwestern University. Their dissertation project, “Body, Flesh, Meat: A Science-fictional Theory of Soteriology,” develops the concepts of “flesh” and “meat” to theorize racialized queerness, transness, and animality in the viscously embodied soteriologies of contemporary science fiction.

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