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Cultural Studies in Practice

Cultural Studies in Practice

By Jaafar Aksikas

Publication Date: Jun 2020

Pages 304


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Cultural Studies in Practice: Methods of Inquiry offers a guidebook to the central methods and methodologies in the field of contemporary Cultural Studies. It explores the central concepts and theories of the field and directly engages students with practice through classroom discussion, group work and short research projects.
Topics covered include:

  • The epistemological and methodological foundations of cultural studies
  • Combining methodologies in cultural studies
  • The ethics of cultural research
  • Self-reflexivity and autobiography
  • Historical analysis and oral history
  • Textual analysis
  • Ethnography and fieldwork
  • Archival Research

Aimed at courses including Cultural Studies, Comparative Literature, American Studies, Popular Culture, Media Studies and much more it will enable advanced undergraduates and postgraduates to get to grips with the challenges of interdisciplinary research in this vibrant, challenging space.

Introduction/ 1. Cultural Studies: Radical Politics and the Analysis of the ‘Social Whole’ / 2. The Place of Theory in Cultural Studies / 3. The Uses of Critical, Materialist (Self)Reflexivity / 4. The Uses and Challenges of a Multiplicity of Methods / 5. Cultural Studies as Structural-Conjunctural Analysis / 6. Cultural Studies as Radical Contextualism / 7. The Ethical Dimensions of Cultural Research / 8. The Research Process / 9. Textual Analysis / 10. People-Based Methods of Research / 11. Critical Political Economy of Culture/Production-Based Approaches to Culture / 12. Ideology Analysis / 13. Materialist Dialectics / Conclusion / Further Reading / Bibliography / Index

Jaafar Aksikas is Associate Professor of Cultural Studies at Columbia College Chicago.

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