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Conditional Democracy

Conditional Democracy

The Contemporary Debate on Political Reform in Chinese Universities

By Émilie Frenkiel

Publication Date: Mar 2015

Pages 220

ECPR Press

Paperback 9781907301698
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Little is known about the political views of non-dissident Chinese intellectuals. For this book, Émilie Frenkiel has been granted unprecedented access to the discussions of politically committed Chinese who have been part of the intellectual debate on post-Tiananmen reform. Her in-depth research elicits lively views that reflect the yearnings and fears of the country's political elite, and reveal the diversity of approaches to China's democratisation.


Selective Timeline of Major Historical Events vii

Acknowledgements xi

Introduction 1

Chapter One: Horses in a Pen? The Situation of Chinese Academics 13

Chapter Two: Two Generations of Committed Scholars 47

Chapter Three: Ideas - A Market or a Battle? 77

Chapter Four: Assessment of the Reforms and Reawakening

of the Intelligentsia 115

Chapter Five: Which Model of Democratisation is Best for China?

The Debate 149

Chapter Six: Democratisation with Chinese Characteristics? 177

Chapter Seven: Conclusion 213

Appendices 219

Bibliography 241

Glossary 253

Index 259

Émilie Frenkiel is an associate professor in the Administration and International exchange faculty at University Paris Est. Her research interests include Chinese intellectuals, political representation, political reform and participatory innovations in China. A former student of the École Normale Supérieure de Lyon, she is a PhD in political studies from the École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales. She has worked in different research and teaching institutions such as the Collège de France, Sciences Po Paris, the University of Exeter, and Beijing University. She is a member of the editorial board of the social science journals and and of the newborn Revue Internationale du Politique en Chine. She has recently published La Chine en mouvements (ed.), Presses Universitaires de France, October 2013.

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