Announcing Studies in Social and Global Justice – a new RLI series

A new series that intends to publish cutting-edge scholarship on contemporary social and global justice issues which explicitly adopts an interdisciplinary framework



Postgraduate Blog: 50 Years of Cultural Studies conference

Four months ago, after Stuart Hall passed away, I questioned the political intent of the field of Cultural Studies as it is today in relation to Hall’s legacy




Rowman & Littlefield International is a new independent academic publisher focusing its publishing in the disciplines of: Philosophy, Politics & International Relations, Cultural Studies and Economics. We are particularly intrigued by the interdisciplinary nature of these subject areas.

We are passionate about bringing incisive modern scholarship to a global readership, insisting on high quality at every point in the publishing process. We firmly believe in the value of publishing cutting-edge research for a scholarly audience.

We use efficient technologies to reach our readership rapidly in digital and print formats, around the globe.

We are connected to the academic community and enthused by the ways in which technology is changing the way that community works.

We launched the business in London in November 2012, in collaboration with the Rowman & Littlefield Publishing Group in Washington DC. That link gives us excellent access to the US market, and allows us to combine the flexibility of a start-up with the resources of an established player.