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We are delighted to be publishing in partnership with Policy Network.Policy Network Digital Catalogue Updated April 16

Policy Network is a leading thinktank and international political network based in London. We seek to promote strategic thinking on progressive solutions to the political, economic and social challenges of the 21st century, impacting upon policy debates in the UK, the rest of Europe and the wilder world. Policy Network organise, debates and conduct research on policy and political challenges that present all governments and political parties with urgent dilemmas.

For more information, please visit www.policy-network.net.

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The People's Verdict

Adding Informed Citizen Voices to Public Decision-Making

By Claudia Chwalisz


Can the EU Spend Better?

An EU Budget for Crises and Sustainability

By Renaud Thillaye


Endgame for the Centre Left?

The Retreat of Social Democracy Across Europe

By Patrick Diamond


Aiming High

Progressive Politics in a High-Risk, High-Opportunity Era

Edited by Florian Ranft


Towards a New Pensions Settlement

The International Experience

By Gregg McClymont and Andy Tarrant


Can Labour Win?

The Hard Road to Power

By Patrick Diamond and Giles Radice


The Populist Signal

Why Politics and Democracy Need to Change

By Claudia Chwalisz


Supporting Investors and Growth Firms

A Bottom-Up Approach to a Capital Markets Union

By Thomas Aubrey, Renaud Thillaye and Alastair Reed


The Social Reality of Europe After the Crisis

Trends, Challenges and Responses

By Patrick Diamond, Roger Liddle and Daniel Sage


Sharing in the Success of the Digital Economy

A Progressive Approach to Radical Innovation

Edited by Robert D. Atkinson, Michael McTernan and Alastair Reed


Mission-Oriented Finance for Innovation

New Ideas for Investment-Led Growth

Edited by Mariana Mazzucato and Caetano C.R. Penna


Progressive Capitalism in Britain

Pillars for a New Political Economy

Edited by Patrick Diamond, Tony Dolphin and Roger Liddle


The Risk of Brexit

The Politics of a Referendum

By Roger Liddle


Owning the Future

How Britain Can Make it in a Fast-Changing World

Edited by Chuka Umunna