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Thank you for your interest in our publishing.

Our online form is temporarily unavailable. To request a review copy of a title listed on or, please email [email protected] and provide the following information:


Which book would you like to request for review?

  • Requested book title

Where is the review going to appear?

  • Review publication
  • Review publication website
  • Estimated publication date of the review
  • Email address of the publication's (book reviews) editor

Where would you like the copy to be sent?

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Gratis review copies are available for reviewers who have been commissioned to write a review by a publication. We also send review copies for consideration to (book reviews) editors of outlets that publish book reviews.

We hold a limited number of review copies per title and are therefore unable to fulfil every request we receive. If your request is successful, we aim to be in touch within two weeks.

Format and delivery times

Physical review copies are currently available for Europe, the US and Canada, and Australia and New Zealand. Once the request has been processed, delivery of physical copies may take up to four weeks.

For reviewers in all other countries we are happy to provide access to digital copies of our titles. If for some reason a digital copy will not suffice, please indicate this in the comments field. Please note that the requirement for tax information as well as longer shipping times and potential customs issues can mean a significant wait for a physical copy. Please also be aware that our distributor is unable to mark parcels as gifts and that Rowman & Littlefield will not cover any customs fees that may fall due.


Once the review has been published, please send a PDF proof or a link to the publication to [email protected]. If you send a link, please ensure that the publication is not paywalled.

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