Rowman and Littlefield International

Place, Memory, Affect

Series edited by Neil Campbell and Christine Berberich

Place, Memory, Affect is an interdisciplinary series interested in proposals that seek to extend and deepen debates around the intersections of place, memory, and affect in innovative and challenging ways. We anticipate this might, for example, demonstrate an engagement with questions of the body and embodiment, emotion and tactility, memory, forgetting, and belonging; considerations of the ordinary and everyday, the urban, suburban and rural, the local, regional, and global; of psychogeography, phenomenology, borders, thirdspace, and worlding. Above all, through such indicative explorations, we wish the series to forge an agenda for new approaches to the edgy relations of people and place within the transnational global cultures of the twenty-first century and beyond.
In particular, the series will publish monographs and edited collections which identify and explore trends, key concepts and theories being discussed across the disciplines and engage with, interrupt, and unsettle notions of place and space. As a series, it might ask such questions as:

  • How place is reimagined and re-experienced through different relations, both materially and through memory, sensation, affect, dream, imagination
  • How cultural, political and economic forces are experienced by and inscribed upon and through bodies as affect and emotion
  • How reconsiderations of place, memory and affect might interrupt entrenched views and structures of thought and power
  • How theoretical and experiential uses of place expand and challenge perception and creativity.

Books in the series will, therefore, consider particular sites or landscapes for investigation, particular texts or groups of texts that expand our understandings of how place intersects with humans and non-humans, as well as the broader theoretical frameworks and approaches which might be investigated and applied in new ways. The series will encourage innovative writing and theoretical approaches to move the field forward over the next 5-10 years.

Please send proposals to Professor Neil Campbell ([email protected]) and Dr Christine Berberich ([email protected]) marking your email Place, Memory, Affect Book Proposal

Editorial Review Board

John Beck, Professor in Modern Literature, University of Westminster, London

Shin Dong Kim, PhD Professor, School of Communication and Director, Institute for Communication Arts and Technology, Hallym University, Korea

Terry Gifford, Honorary Professor at the University of Alicante, Spain and Visiting Professor at the Centre for Writing and Environment, Bath Spa University, UK

Ben Highmore, Professor of Cultural Studies, University of Sussex

Kathleen Stewart, Professor of Anthropology, University of Texas, Austin, USA

Stephen Tatum, Professor of English and Director, Environmental Humanities Graduate Program, University of Utah, USA