Rowman and Littlefield International

Moral Psychology of the Emotions

Series edited by Mark Alfano, Associate Professor of Ethics and Technology, Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia

How do our emotions influence our other mental states (perceptions, beliefs, motivations, intentions) and our behaviour? How are they influenced by our other mental states, our environments, and our cultures? What is the moral value of a particular emotion in a particular context? This series explores the causes, consequences, and value of the emotions from an interdisciplinary perspective. Emotions are diverse, with components at various levels (biological, neural, psychological, social), so each book in this series is devoted to a distinct emotion. This focus allows the author and reader to delve into a specific mental state, rather than trying to sum up emotions en masse. Authors approach a particular emotion from their own disciplinary angle (e.g., conceptual analysis, feminist philosophy, critical race theory, phenomenology, social psychology, personality psychology, neuroscience) while connecting with other fields. In so doing, they build a mosaic for each emotion, evaluating both its nature and its moral properties.

Editorial Review Board

Michael Brady, University of Glasgow, UK

Julien Deonna, University of Geneva, Switzerland

Owen Flanagan, Duke University, USA

Bennett Helm, Franklin & Marshall University, USA

Victoria McGeer, Princeton University, USA

Kathryn Norlock, Trent University, Canada

Carolyn Price, Open University, UK

Duncan Pritchard, University of Edinburgh, UK

David Rosenthal, CUNY, USA

Christine Tappolet, University of Montreal, Canada