Rowman and Littlefield International

Men and Masculinities in a Transnational World

Edited by Simona Sharoni (SUNY Plattsburgh) and Henri Myrttinen (International Alert)

In the past two decades, the field of men and masculinities studies has been steadily growing in both breadth and depth. As a result, working with men and masculinities has gained increased interest not only among scholars in the academy but also among policy-makers and practitioners. This is reflected in a steady increase in research on masculinities but also in the growth of the global MenEngage movement. In the political arena, the recent UN Security Council Resolution 2242 on gender, peace and security also specifically mentioned working with men and boys. At the same time however, critical men and masculinities studies remain under-represented in research and policy debates as well as in academic publications and curricula.

The book series aims to advance interdisciplinary/multidisciplinary/transdisciplinary scholarship on men and masculinities with particular interest in filling existing gaps in the field by giving priority to the following areas:

– Scholarship by and about men and masculinities in the Global South;
– Scholarship that treats masculinities as fluid and amenable to change and transformation;
– Research that reflects explicitly an intersectional analysis (focus on gender in relation to race, class, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation etc.);
– Research with an explicit feminist/pro-feminist orientation, including attention to the backlash against feminists and hostility towards movements for gender equality;
– Research with a comparative perspective, reflecting patterns of similarity and difference across context;
– Research on hybrid masculinities

In particular, this series would welcome proposals focusing on the following themes:

• Conflict-affected non-violent masculinities
• Masculinities, migration and experiences of diaspora
• The costs of masculinity to men
• Transforming violent masculinities
• Reintegration of former combatants around the world
• Masculinities and sexual and gender nonconforming identities (including transmasculinities)
• Men, masculinities and the North-South Divide
• Men, Masculinities and Police Brutality
• Pro-feminist Men’s Movements
• Mass, Masculinities and Mass Shootings
• Boys, Masculinities and Education
• Masculinities in refugee, migrant, and immigrant communities
• Diasporic masculinities
• Men, Masculinities and Health

Editorial Review Board

Raewyn Connell, University of Sydney

Paul Kirby, University of Sussex

Marsha Henry, LSE

Claire Duncanson, University of Edinburgh

Matthew Gutmann, Brown University

Shira Tarrant, University of California

Adam Baird, Coventry University

Maria Stern, University of Gothenburg

Robert Morell, University of Cape Town