Rowman and Littlefield International

Indigenous Nations and Collaborative Futures

Professor Larissa Behrendt, Dr Simone Bignall, Professor Daryle Rigney and Professor Linda Tuhiwai Smith

Indigenous Nations and Collaborative Futures publishes cutting-edge work by Indigenous and non-Indigenous authors and Indigenous-participant teams, whose inquiry advances post-colonial political thinking. Attending critically to settler-colonialism in the contexts of Australia, Aotearoa-New Zealand and other nations of the Southern Pacific Rim, this series supplements and enriches new scholarship emerging from Indigenous perspectives and experiences in the United States and Canada. It aims to explore and showcase the diverse ways in which Indigenous authorities all around the world are designing and utilising modern political institutions that match with their cultural values and assert a continuing right and responsibility to care for traditional lands and waters. Conceived through the optic of the political, ‘Indigenous Nations and Collaborative Futures’ will publish innovative and important research that examines the transformative potential of cross-cultural interaction, collaboration and agreement-making to successfully mediate culturally diverse political interests and values in settler-colonial jurisdictions. It contributes new thinking about the reparation of historical injustice and the terms and future conditions of positive coexistence after colonisation.

Editorial Review Board

Professor Taiaiake Alfred (University of Victoria, Canada)

Dr Toni Bauman (AIATSIS)

Professor Stephen Cornell (University of Arizona)

Professor Jeff Corntassel (University of Victoria, Canada)

Professor Megan Davis (University of New South Wales)

Professor Steve Hemming (Flinders University)

Professor Melinda Hinkson (Deakin University)

Professor Duncan Ivison (University of Sydney)

Professor Miriam Jorgensen (University of Arizona)

Professor Joe Kalt (Harvard University)

Professor Rauna Kuokkanen (University of Toronto)

Professor Margie Maaka (University of Hawaii)

Professor Sarah Madison (University of Melbourne)

Professor Tracey McIntosh (University of Auckland)

Professor Mark McMillan (RMIT)

Professor Stephen Muecke (University of Adelaide)

Professor Paul Patton (University of New South Wales)

Jamie Pinkham (Executive Director, Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission)

Professor Angela Riley (UCLA)

Professor Jacinta Ruru (University of Otago)

Professor Lynette Russell (Monash University)

Dr William Sanders (Australian National University)

Dr Damien Short (University of London)

Dr Diane Smith (Australian National University)

Dr Lisa Strelein (AIATSIS)

Professor James Tully (University of Victoria, Canada)

Professor Dale Turner (Dartmouth College, New Hampshire)

Dr Alison Vivian (University of Technology Sydney)

Professor Kyle Whyte (Michigan State University)