Rowman and Littlefield International


Series edited by Arne De Boever, Jon Roffe, Bill Ross and Ashley Woodward

What are the hidden sources that determine the contemporary moment in continental thought? This series goes ‘back to the source’, publishing English translations of the hidden origins of our contemporary thought in order to better understand not only that thought, but also the world it seeks to understand. The series includes important French, German and Italian texts that form the lesser-known background to prominent work in contemporary continental philosophy. With an eye on the contemporary moment – on both world-historical events and critical trends – Groundworks seeks to recover foundational but forgotten texts and to produce a more profound engagement not only with the contemporary but also with the sources that have shaped it.

The series editors welcome suggestions for the series and would be pleased to hear from anyone interested in proposing a translation project. Please contact Jon Roffe ([email protected]) in the first instance.

Editorial Review Board

Alexander Galloway, New York University, USA

Ian James, University of Cambridge, UK

Peggy Kamuf, University of Southern California, USA

Brian Massumi, Université de Montréal, Canada

Paul Patton, University of New South Wales, Australia

Daniel W. Smith, Purdue University, USA

Jason Smith, Art Centre College of Design, USA

David Webb, Staffordshire University, UK