Rowman and Littlefield International

CEACOP East Asian Comparative Ethics, Politics and Philosophy of Law

Series edited by Sungmoon Kim and Eirik Lang Harris

This monograph series is organized and overseen as a cooperative venture by Rowman and Littlefield International and the Center for East Asian and Comparative Philosophy (CEACOP) at City University of Hong Kong. It features path-breaking and field-defining works in East Asian comparative ethics with a special interest in works of normative and applied ethics, political theory, and philosophy of law. It includes works that are more historically grounded as well as those that are more focused on contemporary affairs and problems that meet the standards of clarity and argumentative rigor characteristic of the best philosophy in the Anglo-American tradition. The more historically grounded works demonstrate a sophisticated sensitivity and approach to issues of historical context and interpretation while wholly contemporary works begin from and respond to issues of relevance to modern East Asian and Western societies.

The series aims to contribute original, constructive analytical works to the fields of East Asian and comparative philosophy and to produce publications that will engage, challenge, and contribute to on-going debates and controversies in contemporary legal, political, and ethical theory. The series is aimed at non-specialists as well as specialists in East Asian ethics, politics, and law.

The series welcomes proposals for monographs and well-curated edited collections that pioneer new directions of inquiry. Further details of the series, its aims and objectives can be found on the series editors’ blog:

Editorial Review Board

Brooke A. Ackerly, Vanderbilt University, USA

Stephen C. Angle, Wesleyan University, USA

Tongdong Bai, Fudan University, China

Sébastien Billioud, University Paris Diderot (Paris 7), France

Joesph Chan, University of Hong Kong

Owen Flanagan, Jr.,  Duke University, USA

Chun-chieh Huang, Ministry of Education, Taiwan ROC/ National Taiwan University

Eric L. Hutton,  University of Utah, USA

Joel Kupperman, University of Connecticut at Storrs, USA

Karyn Lynne Lai,  University of New South Wales, Australia

Chenyang Li,  Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

JeeLoo Liu, California State University, Fullerton, USA

Al Martinich, University of Texas at Austin, USA

Edward G. Slingerland,  University of British Columbia, Canada

Michael Slote,  University of Miami, USA

Bryan W. Van Norden,  Vassar College, USA

Christian Helmut Wenzel,  National Taiwan University

Yang Xiao,  Kenyon College, USA

Wang Guiguo, City University of Hong Kong

Lin Feng,  City University of Hong Kong

Carl Minzner,  Fordham University, USA