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Asian Cultural Studies: Transnational and Dialogic Approaches

Koichi Iwabuchi

The Asian Cultural Studies: Transnational and Dialogic Approaches series aims to advance transnational intellectual dialogue over diverse issues that are shared in various Asian countries and cities. While the examination of cultural issues in a particular socio-historical context is crucial, trans-Asia perspectives will further enrich such investigations by giving a fresh insight from other Asian experiences and through the consideration of transnational connections. It will also cultivate the sense of shared-ness among researchers working on the similar issues in different places and foster transnational collaboration to tackle the shared issues beyond the confinement of the nation-state. This book series will be the first English language series of its kind to publish scholarly monographs and edited collections in this dynamic space.

Editorial Collective

Ien Ang (University of Western Sydney)
Chris Berry (King’s College London)
John Erni (Hong Kong Baptist University)
Daniel Goh (National University of Singapore)
Ariel Heryanto (Australian National University)
Kim Hyun Mee (Yonsei University)

Please send proposals to Koichi Iwabuchi ([email protected]) and Martina O’Sullivan ([email protected])

Also commissioned in this series:

Daniel Black, Olivia Khoo and Koichi Iwabuchi (eds), Contemporary Culture and Media in Asia (2016)

Anthony Y. H. Fung, Cultural Policy and East Asian Rivalry: The Hong Kong Gaming Industry (2017)

Leonie Schmidt, Imagining Islamic Modernities in Southeast Asia (2017)