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Walter Benjamin and the Post-Kantian Tradition

By Philip Homburg

Part of the series Founding Critical Theory

Publication Date: Jan 2019

Pages 240

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This book examines the intellectual development of Walter Benjamin from a young Kantian idealist
to Marxist materialist. Beginning with an examination of materialism and the often misunderstood
standpoint of neo-Kantianism, it roots our understanding of Benjamin in the philosophical currents
of his time without reducing him to a representative of one camp or another.

Walter Benjamin and the Post-Kantian Tradition engages with Benjamin as a theorist of a historical
and philosophical problematic: a problematic that he finds manifested, in different philosophical
guises, within empiricism, neo-Kantianism and German Romanticism. The book takes us through
these manifestations systematically and, in doing so, it demonstrates how Benjamin moves from an
aspiring idealist philosopher to a politically engaged Marxist critic without abandoning the
theoretical project he develops early on.
Preface / 1. Materialism / 2. Neo-Kantianism / 3. The Young Benjamin / 4. Romanticism and Goethe / 5. The Materialist Turn / Bibliography / Index

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