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Walking Networks

The Development of an Artistic Medium

By Blake Morris

Hardback ISBN: 9781786610218 Release date: Nov 2019
£104.00 €126.00 $135.00
Ebook ISBN: 9781786610225 Release date: Nov 2019
£29.95 €41.95 $43.99

Series: Radical Cultural Studies

Pages: 210


Since the early 2000s there has been an increase in artists who are walking as an essential part of their artistic practice. This book identifies the unique attributes of walking to develop a definition for walking as an artistic medium. Drawing on historical sources, such as the walks of the Romantic poets, Dadaists and Letterist/Situationist Internationals, it presents a practice based approach to walking focused on the radical memory of the medium. The book covers three contemporary organisations working to develop the artistic medium of walking—London’s Walking Artists Network, Scotland’s Walking Institute and New York City’s Walk Exchange—and looks at how these different organisation’s strategies contribute to the development of the artistic medium of walking. The book is framed by five walking exercises, and invites the reader to create a memory palace for the medium of walking as a practical exploration of artistic walking practices.


List of Figures


Preamble – Walking Exercise #1

Prologue – A Memory Palace for the Medium of Walking

Chapter 1 – Walking: A Distinct Artistic Medium

Chapter 2 – A Romantic Drift through the History of Walking

Interlude – Walking Exercise #2

Chapter 3 – Artistic Foundations for Walking Networks

Chapter 4 – The Walking Artists Network: Digital Paths to Analogue Practice

Chapter 5 – Deveron Projects: The Walking Institute

Interlude – Walking Exercise #3

Chapter 6 – Walk, Study and Exchange

Finale – Walking Exercise #4

Chapter 7 – Conclusion: The Medium is the Memory (Palace)

Epilogue – Walking Exercise #5


Blake Morris is an independent scholar and artist based in the United Kingdom.

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