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Trans-Asia as Method

Theory and Practices

Edited by Jeroen de Kloet, Yiu Fai Chow, and Gladys Pak Lei Chong

Hardback ISBN: 9781786610782 Release date: Nov 2019
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This rich collection of essays offers a multi- and inter-disciplinary discussion of "trans-Asia" approaches from a broad spectrum of disciplinary perspectives of critical theory, historical studies, cultural studies to film studies. In doing so the authors lay down the groundwork for a more inclusive knowledge-production and fruitful transnational collaboration. The authors engage with the implications of “trans-Asia” using a range of empirical cases. At the heart of the book is a desire and attempt to give a grounded understanding of what “trans-Asia” approaches are by examining human mobilities, media culture flows and connections across Asia and beyond in four key aspects: cross-border flows and connections; inter-Asian comparison and referencing; transnational and de-nationalized approaches; and cross-border collaboration.


List of Figures

  1. Introduction: Towards Trans-Asia: Projects, Possibilities, Paradoxes
    Gladys Pak Lei Chong, Yiu Fai Chow and Jeroen de Kloet
  2. Trans-Asia as Method: A Collaborative and Dialogic Project in a Globalised World
    Koichi Iwabuchi
  3. What is the “Trans” in Trans-Asia?
    Yiu Fai Chow and Jeroen de Kloet
  4. Transcending Trans-Asia? Lessons from Trans-Europe
    Ien Ang
  5. Towards Asian Independence: The Transpacific and Inter-Asian Trajectories of Taraknath Das
    Chih-Ming Wang
  6. On Exile Trilogy: Trans-Asia Trajectory
    Soyoung Kim
  7. Asian Theatricalities in the Transpacific: The Hispanophone Transculturation of Nick Rongjun Yu’s The Crowd or, Performing the Chinese Cultural Revolution in Peru
    Rossella Ferrari
  8. Repeating Anime’s Creativity Across Asia
    Stevie Suan
  9. Trans/Asia: A Multi-Mobilities Solution to Identity Politics?
    Jiyu Zhang
  1. Dwellings, Aspirations, and the Good Life: Inter-Referencing Young People in Beijing and Hong Kong
    Gladys Pak Lei Chong
  2. Coda: Rolling Back Towards a Trans-Asia Future?
    Yiu Fai Chow, Gladys Pak Lei Chong and Jeroen de Kloet

Jeroen de Kloet is Professor of Globalisation Studies and Director of the Amsterdam Centre for Globalisation Studies at the University of Amsterdam.

Yiu Fai Chow is Associate Professor in the Department of Humanities and Creative Writing at Hong Kong Baptist University.

Gladys Pak Lei Chong is Assistant Professor of Liberal and Cultural Studies at the Department of Humanities and Creative Writing at Hong Kong Baptist University.

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