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The Great Financial Plumbing

The Great Financial Plumbing

From Northern Rock to Banking Union

By Karel Lannoo

Publication Date: Sep 2015

Pages 200


Centre for European Policy Studies

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The financial crisis has led to a far-reaching redesign of the European regulatory and supervisory framework. Following the commitments made in the context of the G-20, but also reacting to internal shortcomings, the EU engaged in a massive program to re-regulate financial markets. The EU furthermore redesigned the structure for supervisory cooperation, initially through the European Supervisory Authorities, and later in its ambition to form the Banking Union.

The Great Financial Plumbing, Karel Lannoo systematically assesses the new regulatory and supervisory framework. The book’s structure follows the big questions on the agenda:

1) What is Banking Union?
2) How have the concerns of the G-20 been addressed by the EU (oversight of credit-rating agencies, better capital for banks, the re-regulation of securities and derivatives markets, asset management, depositor protection and bank resolution)?
3) How were uniquely EU rules on state aid applied to the banking sector?

This book is designed to give professionals, policy-makers and students a better understanding of the new regulatory framework and insights into the policy context that has led to the new rules governing financial markets in Europe.

1. The Policy Reaction to the Crisis: A moving target / 2. Credit Rating Agencies: The early targets/ 3. Game Change in Asset Management / 4. Solidifying Derivative Markets and Financial Infrastructure/ 5. New Capital Requirements: Basel III implementation in EU law / 6. The ECB as Bank Supervisor under the Single Supervisory Mechanism / 7. Recovery and Resolution, the Single Resolution Mechanism and Deposit Guarantee Schemes / 8. The EU's Bank State Aid Policy during the Crisis / 9. Conclusion: Safe to bank? / Annex: Overview of banking and finance legislation / Index

As a contribution to the effort to evaluate and take stock of recently-passed legislation in order to identify and address future issues in European financial regulation, this book is a welcome body of work and a very useful background document.

Danuta Hübner, Member of the European Parliament

Karel Lannoo is CEO of the Centre for European Policy Studies.

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