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The European Union and Beyond

Multi-Level Governance, Institutions, and Policy-Making

Edited by Nils Ringe and Jae-Jae Spoon

2 Reviews

Provides a comprehensive examination of some of the major questions in the study of European Union politics, regional integration and multilevel governance .

Hardback ISBN: 9781785523359 Release date: Mar 2020
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Ebook ISBN: 9781785523366 Release date: Mar 2020
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Pages: 253


ECPR Press

Comparative Regional Integration and Multilevel Governance: The European Union and
Beyond seeks to examine current debates and issues in the study of regional integration,
multilevel governance and European Union studies. Contributions focus on a diverse set of
topics related to these areas, including monetary union, trade, public administration, legislative representation, free movement and comparisons of the European Union to other federal systems, and supranational organizations. The chapters are diverse in approach with
contributors coming from the fields of public administration, political economy, law,
international relations and comparative politics. The goal of the volume is to provide an up‐to-date assessment of the current debates and issue in these fields of study.

I: Governance in the European Union
1. Euro‐Politics Thirty Years On, David Cameron
2. Complementary or Incompatible? Italy and Germany in the EMU, Simona Piattoni and Ton Notermans
3. Competitive Interdependence, Competitive Liberalisation, and EU‐US Trade Relations in the Obama and Trump Eras, Mark Hallerberg and Diego A. Salazar
4. European Reforms and the Leadership Deficits of Surplus Germany, Wade Jacoby and Elizabeta Jevtic‐Somlai
5. Is There a European Union Administrative Style?: Administrative Traditions and the European Commission, B. Guy Peters
II: Regional Integration and Multilevel Governance
6. Governance in the European Union: A Comparative Federalism Perspective, Sergio Fabbrini
7. Of Magnets and Centrifuges: The US and EU Federal Systems and Private International Law, Ronald A. Brand
8. Assessing the Impact of MEP Careers on National Political Parties in Europe, William T. Daniel
9. Building a Bridge to Europe? MPs’ Views on Their Role in the EU, Lauren Perez
10. Citizenship and Free Movement in Comparative Federalism, Willem Maas
11. Regional Variations and Crisis: Comparing Institutionalisation in the EU and ASEAN, Reuben Wong and Daniella Irerra

Jae-Jae Spoon is Associate Professor Political Science and Director of the European Studies Center at the University of Pittsburgh.

Nils Ringe is Professor of Political Science and Director of the Center for European Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

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2 Reviews

This volume, dedicated to a leading European studies scholar, seeks to understand the European Union not as an international organization but as a federal system comparable to that of Germany, Canada or the US. It is packed with fresh insights into vital issues of the day, including Europe’s response to the rise of China, the embattled Euro, the challenges to common citizenship, and the machinations of European politicians and bureaucrats. Underneath it all remain the power and interests of Europe’s nation-states.

Andrew Moravcsik, Professor of Politics and International Affairs, Princeton University

In this book a stellar line-up of scholars make sense of the European Union from a deeply informed comparative perspective. This wide-ranging volume is a fitting tribute to Alberta Sbragia’s pathbreaking contribution to the study of federalism and European integration.

Gary Marks, Burton Craige Distinguished Professor of Political Science, UNC-Chapel Hill and Robert Schuman Fellow, EUI, Florence

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