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The Clientelistic Turn in Welfare State Policy-Making

Party Politics in Times of Austerity

By Evelyne Hübscher

Publication Date: Dec 2018

Pages 208

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Using a mix of quantitative methods and case study research, this book critically assesses the impact of party governments in different institutional settings on welfare state generosity and labour market reforms. Its key findings contradict earlier established views on the impact of leftist governments on welfare state policies. Specifically, left-wing governments are pursuing clientelistic policies when facing high institutional constraints and austerity and turn out to cater towards the core workforce rather than designing policies for the full range of labour market participants.

Preface / Chapter 1: Yes, They Can – Partisan Impact on Welfare State Change / Chapter 2: The Politics of Welfare State Retrenchment – A Re-Assessment / Chapter 3: Party Politics and Political Constraints / Chapter 4: Austerity, Party Governments and Welfare State Output / Chapter 5: The Mechanisms of Clientelistic Politics – Case Study Framework / Chapter 6: Germany / Chapter 7: Ireland / Chapter 8: Discussion and Conclusion

Evelyne Hübscher elegantly links the literature on social and fiscal reforms with insights from insider-outsider politics. The remarkable, and worrisome result is a return of clientelistic politics as left parties cater increasingly to core electorates leaving real outsiders behind. An authoritative analysis for all comparative political economists working on these issues.
Achim Kemmerling, Gerhard Haniel Professor of Public Policy and International Development, Erfurt Universität

Evelyne Hübscher is Associate Professor at the School of Public Policy. She teaches courses related to public policy, policy analysis, party politics, and welfare states.

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