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The Bright and the Good

The Connection between Intellectual and Moral Virtues

Edited by Audrey L. Anton

2 Reviews

This book provides a contemporary overview of an age-old question in philosophy, namely the connection between intellectual and moral virtues. Ideal for courses in virtue ethics and virtue epistemology, the volume includes coverage of specific topics, such as vice, ignorance, hope, courage, patience, justice and mercy.

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Pages: 362


The Bright and the Good examines the connection between intellectual and moral virtues both through the history of philosophy and as it can be illustrated in comprehensive examinations of specific virtues.

The first part of the book investigates the original assumptions posited by Ancient Western philosophers concerning the apparent connection between moral and intellectual virtues. The second part follows the assumptions through history from the Medieval and Modern periods of philosophy, noting how the assumption has been tweaked to accommodate specific ideological and scientific precepts. The third part showcases inquiries into specific virtues, taking the reader on an investigation unfettered by any specific time period or ideology so as to consider the apparent connection between the moral and the intellectual on a case-by-case basis. These essays relate both historical context and contemporary concerns and examine topics including vice, ignorance, hope, courage, patience, justice and mercy.

Introduction / Part I: Ancient Origins of the Intellectual-Moral Relationship / 1. Geometry in the Humming of the Strings, Anne Mamary / 2. Plato and the Importance of Mathematical Training, Eva Cadavid / 3. How Practical Wisdom Depends on Moral Excellence, Marcia Homiak / 4. Intellectual Virtue and the Non-Sage in Stoicism, Ryan Korstange / Part II: The Assumption Re-examined / 5. From the Moral to the Intellectual Virtues: The Christian Monastic Tradition, David Bradshaw / 6. Moral and Intellectual Virtues in Jewish Medieval Philosophy, Lenn E. Goodman / 7. Hume and the Intellectual Virtues, Dan O’Brien / 8. Rousseau, the Sciences, and our Knowledge of Virtue, Piers Norris Turner / 9. The Kantian Doctrine of Virtue, Michael Reno / Part III: Specific Virtues and Contemporary Reflections / 10. Intellectual Trust in an Examined Life: On Vicious and Virtuous Trust in Philosophy, Ben Almassi / 11. Virtues, Vices, and Agential Capacity, Jonathan A. Jacobs / 12. Ignorance and Hope, Katherine Johnson / 13. Intellectual Courage, Eric Kraemer / 14. Patience and Practical Wisdom, Matthew Pianalto / 15. Justice and Mercy: On Knowing the Difference, Audrey L. Anton / Index

Audrey L. Anton is Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Western Kentucky University.

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2 Reviews

The Bright and the Good is a noteworthy and worthwhile collection. It offers considerable insight into the relationships that hold between intellectual and moral virtues, both in terms of their nature and their formation. This collection is valuable to both scholars interested in the history of virtue ethics and those working in contemporary virtue theory.

Kevin Timpe, William H. Jellema Chair in Christian Philosophy, Calvin College

Audrey Anton has put together an excellent anthology, and a valuable resource for scholars working on the topic of virtue.

Julia Driver, Professor of Philosophy, Washington University in St. Louis

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