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Personal Representation

Personal Representation

The Neglected Dimension of Electoral Systems

Edited by Josep M. Colomer

Publication Date: Aug 2011

Pages 216

ECPR Press

Hardback 9781907301162
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Personal representation is an essential element to achieve a high quality of democracy. Many studies of electoral systems, by focusing on the allocation of seats to parties, have neglected the study of this essential dimension. In democratic countries a huge variety of ballot forms and rules exist to vote for individual candidates and to allocate seats. This book studies different voting procedures and formulas for personal representation, their origins and consequences, their compatibility with party representation and the strategies and normative criteria for electoral system choice.

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Contributors ix

Chapter One: Introduction: Personal and Party Representation Josep M. Colomer 1

Chapter Two: Candidate Selection Nir Atmor, Reuven Y. Hazan and Gideon Rahat 21

Chapter Three: Single Seat Helen Margetts 37

Chapter Four: Closed Party List Pedro Riera 55

Chapter Five: Primary Elections John M. Carey and Harry J. Enten 81

Chapter Six: Mixed Systems Louis Massicotte 99

Chapter Seven: Preferential Vote in Party List Lauri Karvonen 119

Chapter Eight: Ordinal Rank Michael Marsh 135

Chapter Nine: Open Ballot Georg Lutz 153

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Index 187

This book thus contains much extremely valuable material. The chapters are diverse in the issues they address and the methods they use, but this does not detract from their individual merits. Still, much remains to be done. ..The country studies provided here are extremely useful: their findings give useful pointers and generate hypotheses and perationalizations that merit generalization. But most of the work of generalization still lies before us. In short, this valuable book opens up a considerable research agenda that many of us will want to pursue over the coming years.

Alan Renwick, University of Reading

Josep M Colomer is Research Professor in Political Science at the Higher Council for Scientific Research, Institute for Economic Analysis, in Barcelona, and Prince of Asturias Distinguished Visiting Professor at Georgetown University, Washington DC.

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