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Perceptions of Europe

Perceptions of Europe

A Comparative Sociology of European Attitudes

Edited by Daniel Gaxie, Nicolas Hubé, and Jay Rowell

Publication Date: Oct 2001

Pages 290

Hardback 9781907301155
£65.00 €90.00 $100.00
Paperback 9781907301599
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This book presents the main findings of a comparative qualitative survey conducted in France, Germany, Italy, and Poland. Ordinary citizens from very different social backgrounds and professions were asked a range of open-ended questions, allowing them to express themselves freely. There have been few qualitative surveys on ordinary citizens' views of European integration, and none on this scale. The resulting picture is very different from the self-evident assumptions of many current studies on European opinions. Contributions to the volume stress the great diversity, ambiguity, and complexity of European attitudes. They emphasise the causal impact of formal education, political interest and involvement, individual everyday exposures to ‘European' realities, and the role of collective national experiences of European integration and national history.

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