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Ontologies of Sex

Philosophy in Sexual Politics

By Zeynep Direk

This book examines feminist philosophical analyses of sexual oppression of women by men, and brings them into conversation with phenomenological, ontological and psychoanalytical accounts of erotic experience and sexual difference.

Hardback ISBN: 9781786606631 Release date: Mar 2020
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Ebook ISBN: 9781786606648 Release date: Mar 2020
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Ontologies of Sex: Philosophy in Sexual Politics considers the ontological presuppositions of feminist theories of sexual difference and brings them into conversation with phenomenological, ontological accounts of erotic experience. Erotic relation is a corporeal, intimate, and affective encounter with the other in which the subjects have the possibility of being revealed to themselves and to each other in who they are. In eroticism, law paradoxes, death, abjection, subjectivity, sovereignty, commitment, engagement, freedom are at stake. By inquiring into various types of analyzes of sexual oppression and different accounts of ethics of Eros, this book invites the reader to deepen their existential reflection on the significance of Eros for human life in general, and for political subjectivity in particular.

Chapter 1: Simone de Beauvoir: An Ontology and Ethics of Freedom
Chapter 2: Georges Bataille: Erotic Experience
Chapter 3: The Problem of Phallocentrism
Chapter 4: Different Ontologies in Queer Theory
Chapter 5: Jean Luc-Nancy: An Ontology of Sex

Chapter 6: Subjects of Rights: From Vulnerability to Autonomy

Zeynep Direk obtained her Ph. D from the University of Memphis in 1998. She is professor at Koç University, Department of Philosophy in Istanbul, Turkey. She publishes on contemporary French philosophy, ethics, political philosophy, feminism, and the history of Turkish philosophy. Her research on feminism focuses on feminist thinkers’ interpretations of the fundamental problems and concepts of Western philosophy. She has co-edited, with Leonard Lawlor, A Companion to Derrida (2014), and is the author of three books in Turkish.

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