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Neighbours, Allies, Partners

Neighbours, Allies, Partners

Kazakhstan, Russia and the Discourse of Security

By Aida Abzhaparova

Part of the series Discourse, Power and Society

Publication Date: Apr 2020

Pages 208

Hardback 9781783488971
Ebook 9781783488995
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Kazakhstan was the last country to declare independence following the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991. How has Kazakhstan constructed a relationship with Russia since then? How has Kazakhstan constructed its identity in relation to Russia? What discursive practices have come into play in order to avoid conflict?

Focusing on official discourse, Neighbours, Allies, Partners argues that the relationship between Kazakhstan and Russia has been constructed in order to render conflict impossible. It analyses how political elites constructed the state’s identity, represented security threats, and represented Russia. It investigates the implications of these representations regarding the security of Kazakhstan, and the country’s relations with Russia. In doing so it illustrates the significance of the construction of identities, representations and meanings in relationships between states.
Introduction/ 1. Critical Constructivism and Discourse Analysis / 2. Discourse Analysis in Practice: Mapping Kazakhstani Official Discourse / 3. Sovereignty and Practices of Integration/ 4. Territorial Integrity and Practices of Bordering / 5. Eurasianism in Kazakhstan’s security practices / 6. Relationship and Security – Reading, Writing, Communicating and Practicing the State / Conclusion/ Bibliography/ Index
Aida Abzhaparova is Senior Lecturer in International Relations at the University of the West of England, Bristol.

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