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Narratives of Globalization

Reflections on the Global Condition

Edited by Julian C H Lee

3 Reviews

The collection brings together established and emerging scholars from the School of Global, Urban and Social Studies at RMIT University to reflect on the lived-experience of globalization. It uses a narrative approach to explore how key concepts in the field of globalization studies relate to the experience of everyday life.

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Pages: 202


Globalization can sometimes seem like an abstract concept, an unconscious aspect of our everyday existence. What impact does it have on the reality of our daily lives? How does it shape our experiences, perspectives and identities?

Narratives of Globalization explores how a range of key ideas in the study of globalization are made manifest in the lives of people all over the world. Each chapter explores a key theme in globalization studies that is explored through a narrative that draws on the contributors own personal experience. It draws together a collection of experiences from across the globe including Chinese migration to Australia, the influence of the internet on education and the popularity of K-pop. These personal perspectives on culture, identity, development and politics attempt to better understand contemporary issues within the global frame and illustrate how ordinary people can engage with and influence processes of globalization.

Foreword, Joseph Siracusa / 1. Introduction: Reflections on the Global Condition, Julian CH Lee / 2. On Culture and Hybridity: Gangnam Style and the Inventiveness of Tradition, Julian CH Lee / 3. On Transculturation: Reenacting and Remaking Latin American Dance and Music in Foreign Lands, Elizabeth Kath / 4. On Non-Places: Localizing the Global at Changi Airport’s Terminal 3, Singapore, Chris Hudson / 5. On the Global Image: Globalization as a Visual-Ideological Phenomenon, Tommaso Durante / 6. On the World Wide Web: Disrupting Education in the Digital Age, Debra Bateman / 7. On Neoliberalism and Welfare: Payday Lending and Commodifying Social Provisioning, Marcus Banks and Greg Marston / 8. On Language and Interculturality: Teaching Languages and Cultures for a Global World, Chantal Crozet / 9. On Diversity and Language: My Route through Different Cultures, Languages and Ideologies, Lynne N. Li / 10. On a Global Moral Economy: Young People and Engaging with Others in Need, Rebekah Farrell / 11. On Universal Human Rights: Universality and Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights, Ian Howie / 12. On Global Security: International Law, Use-of-Force and Hegemony, Aiden Warren / 13. Afterword, Julian CH Lee / References / Notes on Contributors

Julian CH Lee is a Lecturer in Global Studies, School of Global, Urban and Social Studies, RMIT University, Australia.

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3 Reviews

Despite the hegemonic and homogeneous appearance of global culture, the diversity of both local and personal engagements with processes, products, institutions and images that are often glibly designated ‘global’ demands in-depth, nuanced existential-phenomenological readings. Narratives of Globalization brilliantly provides ethnographic glimpses and anthropological analyses of how the global is actually lived.

Michael D. Jackson, Distinguished Visiting Professor of World Religions, Harvard Divinity School

This cutting-edge study succeeds in linking the subjective dimensions of globalization--ideas, identities, and consciousness--to crucial political, economic, and cultural aspects of today's globalized world. Penned by notable scholars, this unique anthology will appeal to both students and instructors of globalization interested in how the global expansion and intensification of social relations is playing itself out in the lives of 'real people' around the world. Highly recommended!

Manfred B. Steger, Professor of Global Politics, University of Hawai'i-Manoa

Ranging from discussions of human rights legislation and grass roots economic institutions to a consideration of the significance of the transmutation of dance styles and systems of learning as they criss-cross the globe, this stimulating set of contributions allows the reader to understand how precisely globalization impinges on the practices of everyday life. Fascinating reflections from a variety of practitioners all well acquainted with and deeply committed to their individual fields.

Conrad William Watson, Professor of Business and Management, Institut Teknologi Bandung

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