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Media After Kittler

Edited by Eleni Ikoniadou and Scott Wilson

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This is a major collection of essays examining the legacy of Friedrich Kittler in the turn towards Media Philosophy.

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Series: Media Philosophy

Pages: 204


Is it possible to incite a turn towards Media Philosophy, a field that accounts for the autonomy of media, for machine agency and for the new modalities of thought and subjectivity that these enable, rather than dwelling on representations, audiences and extensions of the self?

In the wake of the field-defining work done by Friedrich Kittler, this important collection of essays takes a philosophical approach to the end of the media era in the traditional sense and outlines the implications of a turn that sees media become concepts of the middle, of connection, and of multitude—across diverse disciplines and theoretical perspectives. An expert panel of contributors, working at the cutting edge of media theory, analyze the German thinker's legacy and the possibilities his thought can unfold for media theory. This book examines the present and future condition of mediation, within the wider context of media studies in a digital age.

Primer: The Media Question, Eleni Ikoniadou / Part I / 1. Secret Passages: Media after Kittler and the Typeface of Love Letters, Martin McQuillan / 2. The Calculable and the Incalculable: Hölderlin after Kittler, Samuel Weber / 3. Kittler-Time (Getting to Know Other Temporal Relationships with the Assistance of Technological Media), Wolfgang Ernst / 4. The Humming of Machines: To the End of History and Back, Mai Wegener / 5. Media After Media, Bernhard Siegert / Part II / 6. The Forbidden Pleasures of Media Determinism, Matthew Fuller / 7. The Computer that Couldn’t Stop: Artificial Intelligence and Obsessional Neurosis, Scott Wilson / 8. The Situation after Media, Stefan Heidenreich / 9. The Ragged Manifold of the Subject: Databaseness and the Generic in Curating YouTube, Olga Goriunova / Postscript: Of Disappearances and the Ontology of Media (Studies), Jussi Parikka / Endnotes / Notes on Contributors / Index

Eleni Ikoniadou is senior lecturer of media and communication at Kingston University and executive member of the London Graduate School. Her writing has appeared in journals such as Body & Society, Senses and Society, Culture Machine, and Leonardo and she is the author of The Rhythmic Event (Technologies of Lived Abstraction series, 2014).

Scott Wilson is professor of media and psychoanalysis at Kingston University. His most recent books include The Order of Joy; Beyond the Cultural Politics of Enjoyment (2008) and Stop Making Sense: Music from the Perspective of the Real (2015).

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1 Review

Media After Kittler is a volume Kittler himself could have compiled: an intriguing mix of in-depth discussions and departures that probe the ways in which media can be conceived after, according to and sometimes against Kittler. It uses Kittler the way Kittler used the work of Lacan, Foucault and many others: as a toolbox for ingenious tinkering and innovative coupling.

Geoffrey Winthrop-Young, Department of Central, Eastern and Northern European Studies, University of British Columbia

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