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Measurement in Medicine

Philosophical Essays on Assessment and Evaluation

Edited by Leah McClimans

2 Reviews

This volume introduces readers to the main philosophical issues of measurement in medicine, illustrating the connections between the natural and social sciences by integrating essays on causation, measuring instruments and issues of measurement and policy.

Hardback ISBN: 9781783488476 Release date: Oct 2017
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Pages: 244


Measurement in Medicine brings together for the first time a range of philosophical essays on topics in the philosophy of epidemiology, epistemology of measurement, philosophy of health economics and health policy that address pressing questions of assessment and evaluation in medicine. Ranging from questions about the methodology of measuring instruments to the role of measurement in health policy decisions, this volume spans the essential topics for anyone interested in understanding the philosophical issues at stake in the growing industry of health and health care evaluation.

Introduction / Part I: Measurement and Evidence-Based Medicine / 1. How Evidence-Based Medicine Highlights Connections between Measurement and Evidence, Benjamin Smart / 2. Can Causation be Quantatively Measured? Alex Broadbent / 3. Absolute Measures of Effectiveness, Jacob Stegenga and Aaron Kenna / 4. A Causal Construal of Heritability Estimates, Zinhle Mncube / Part II: Measuring Instruments / 5. A Theory of Measurement, Norman M. Bradburn, Nancy L. Cartwright, and Jonathan Fuller / 6. Psychological Measures, Risk, and Values, Leah M. McClimans / 7. The Epistemological Roles of Models in Health Science Measurement, Laura M. Cupples / 8. Measuring the Pure Patient Experience, Eivind Engebretsen and Kristin Heggen / 9. Measurement, Multiple Concurrent Chronic Conditions, and Complexity, Ross E. G. Upshur / Part III: Measurement and Policy / 10. NICE’s Cost-Effectiveness Threshold, Gabriele Badano, Stephen John, and Trenholme Junghans / 11. Cost Effectiveness, Daniel M. Hausman / 12. The Value of Statistical Lives and the Valuing of Life, Michael Dickson / How Good Decisions Result in Bad Outcomes, Anya Plutynski / Index / About the Contributors

Leah McClimans is Associate Professor of Philosophy at the University of South Carolina.

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2 Reviews

This is an exciting collection of new essays exploring the use of outcome measurements in medicine. It demonstrates, in a variety of ways, that there are both epistemic and ethical choices to make in selecting outcome measurements as a basis for policy decisions. It is accessible to a multidisciplinary audience, including philosophers of science, ethicists, epidemiologists, and policy experts.

Miriam Solomon, Philosophy Department, Temple University

“Leah McClimans's impressive collection presents a productive synergy of the wisdom of many leading figures in the philosophy of medicine and the philosophy of measurement. The contributors give timely philosophical attention to the increasing pervasiveness of measurement in all aspects of medicine. This book should be required reading for anyone concerned with the scientific development and social management of medicine."

Hasok Chang, Hans Rausing Professor of History and Philosophy of Science, University of Cambridge

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