Rowman and Littlefield International

Let the People Rule

Direct Democracy in the Twenty-First Century

Edited by Saskia Ruth, Yanina Welp, and Laurence Whitehead

Publication Date: Dec 2016

Pages 254

Hardback 9781785522574
£65.00 €90.00 $100.00
Paperback 9781785522666
£30.00 €41.00 $46.00
The biggest contemporary challenge to democratic legitimacy gravitates around the crisis of democratic representation. To tackle this problem, a growing number of established and new democracies included direct democratic instruments in their constitutions, enabling citizens to have direct influence on democratic decision-making. However, there are many different empirical manifestations of direct democracy, and their diverse consequences for representative democracy remain an understudied topic. Let the People Rule? aims to fill this gap, analysing the multifaceted consequences of direct democracy on constitutional reforms and issues of independence, democratic accountability mechanisms, and political outcomes. Chapters apply different methodological approaches to study the consequences of direct democracy on democratic legitimacy. These range from single in-depth case studies, like the Scottish independence referendum in 2014, to cross-national comparative studies, such as the direct democratic experience within the European Union.

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