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Justice in a Non-Ideal World

Justice in a Non-Ideal World

Bridging the Gap Between Political Theory and Real-World Politics

By Alexandre Gajevic Sayegh

Part of the series Studies in Social and Global Justice

Publication Date: May 2019

Pages 256

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The realisation of justice in the real world requires moral principles and political action. This book offers a roadmap for these two notions to connect. It explains how action-guiding principles are formulated by seeking cross-disciplinary input. Also, it casts light on the concepts that occupy the space between political morality and real-world politics, which are often used as reasons to obstruct the progression of social justice, e.g. feasibility, fact-sensitivity, compliance and path-dependence. This book argues for a re-appropriation of these concepts in the name of justice. Many examples will be provided, but the book focuses especially on the case of climate change. It will offer a detailed case study on the realisation of climate justice.
Introduction / Part I / 1. On the Roles and Limits of Ideal Theory / 2. Overcoming the ‘Paradox’ of Ideal Theory / 3. Action-Guidance in a Non-Ideal World /4. Transitional Theory: Connecting Ideals with Political Action / Part II / 5. Tax Competition / 6. Climate Justice / 7. Carbon Pricing / Conclusion
Alexandre Gajevic Sayegh is Postdoctoral Fellow at the MacMillan Center for International and Area Studies and a Lecturer at the Department of Political Sciences at Yale University.

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