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Just Democracy

Just Democracy

The Rawls-Machiavelli Programme

By Philippe Van Parijs

Publication Date: May 2011

Pages 188

ECPR Press

Paperback 9781907301148
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Philippe Van Parijs is one of the world's leading political philosophers. In this book, he argues that the purpose of democracy should be to promote justice - we need not just democracy (in the sense of unqualified democracy) but a just democracy. Machiavelli and Rawls must be brought together. In a series of provocative and timely essays, he explores what creating such a just democratic political system would involve in order to tackle such issues as intergenerational justice, multiculturalism and linguistic diversity. He illustrates his arguments with examples drawn from the European Union and his native Belgium.


List of Figures and Tables ii

Foreword iii

Acknowledgments v

Chapter 1: The Rawls-Machiavelli Programme: Political Institutions as

Instruments of Social Justice 1

Chapter 2: Justice and Democracy: Are they Incompatible? 5

Chapter 3: Contestatory Democracy versus Real Freedom 23

Chapter 4: The Children’s Vote and Other Attempts to Secure Intergenerational

Justice 31

Chapter 5: Should the European Union Become More Democratic? 67

Chapter 6: Power-sharing versus Border-crossing in

Ethnically Divided Societies 79

Chapter 7: Must Europe be Belgian? 99

Chapter 8: Belgium Re-founded 117

Chapter 9: Electoral Engineering for a Stalled Federation: A Country-Wide

Electoral District for Belgium’s Federal Parliament 123

Chapter 10: Anything (Even) Better than the Pavia Proposal? 143

References 155

Index 169

Philippe Van Parijs holds doctorates in philosophy (Oxford) and the social sciences (Louvain). He is professor at the Université of Louvain, where he has directed the Hoover Chair of Economic and Social Ethics since its creation in 1991. He has been a regular visiting professor at Harvard University and at the University of Leuven, and has held visiting positions at many other institutions around the world. His books include Evolutionary Explanation in the Social Sciences (1981), Marxism Recycled (1993), Real Freedom for All (1995), What's Wrong with a Free Lunch? (2000) and Linguistic Justice for Europe and for the World (2011).

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