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Imprints of Revolution

Visual Representations of Resistance

Edited by Lisa B. Y. Calvente and Guadalupe García

2 Reviews

Explores the visual ways in which the concept of revolution is appropriated through public images across the globe using a diverse range of case studies.

Hardback ISBN: 9781783485055 Release date: May 2016
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Series: Disruptions

Pages: 302


What is the significance of the visual representation of revolution? How is history articulated through public images? How can these images communicate new histories of struggle?

Imprints of Revolution highlights how revolutions and revolutionary moments are historically constructed and locally contextualized through the visual. It explores a range of spatial and temporal formations to illustrate how movements are articulated, reconstituted, and communicated. The collective work illustrates how the visual serves as both a mobilizing and demobilizing force in the wake of globalization. Radical performances, cultural artefacts, architectural and fashion design as well as social and print media are examples of the visual mediums analysed as alternative archives that propose new understandings of revolution. The volume illustrates how revolution remains significant in visually communicating and articulating social change with the ability to transform our contemporary understanding of local, national, and transnational spaces and processes.

1. Introduction: Decolonizing Revolution through Visual Articulations, Lisa B.Y. Calvente / 2. Icons of Revolution: Constructions of Emiliano Zapata in Prints of the Mexican Revolution, Theresa Avila / 3. Imprinting Industriousness in the Quest for the Good Life: Lineages of the Chinese Revolutionary Image from 1949 to the Present, Alison Hulme / 4. Image in Revolution: Articulating the Visual Arts and Becoming Cuban, Lisa B.Y. Calvente and Guadalupe García / 5. The Image of Difference: Racial Coalition and Social Collapse by way of Vietnam, Brynn Hatton / 6. Ethiopia Tiqdem? The Influence of the Mythic, Protest and Red Terror Periods on Ethiopian Pan Africanism, Meron Wondwosen / 7. Incas for Sale: Commodified Images of Historical Sites, Silvia Nagy-Zekmi and Kevin J. Ryan / 8. Hugo Chávez, Iconic Associationism, and the Bolívarian Revolution, Joshua Frye / 9. Crisis and Revolution: Activist Art in Neoliberal Buenos Aires, Leonora Souza Paula / 10. Mexican Spring: #YoSoy132’s Images of Resistance, Nasheli Jiménez del Val / Bibliography / Further Reading / Index

Lisa B. Y. Calvente is Assistant Professor of Intercultural Communication and Performance Studies in the College of Communication at DePaul University.

Guadalupe García is Assistant Professor of History at Tulane University.

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2 Reviews

This is a fascinating collection of empirical case studies which should be useable in a wide range of educational contexts and will not go out of date quickly.

Laurence Cox, Lecturer in Sociology, National University of Ireland Maynooth

Calvente and Garcia offer a much needed theoretical and methodological contribution to Cultural Studies by bringing together scholars who reinvigorate the study of visual communication with careful and rigorous case studies. The essays in this text demonstrate the power of visual images to not only perform and enact history, but incite and inspire revolution, a necessary precursor to decolonialism.

Bernadette Marie Calafell, Full Professor of Communication Studies, University of Denver

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