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Imagining Asia

Imagining Asia

Cultural Citizenship and Nation Building in the National Museums of Singapore, Hong Kong and Macau

By Emily Stokes-Rees

Part of the series Asian Cultural Studies: Transnational and Dialogic Approaches

Publication Date: Jul 2019

Pages 256


Hardback 9781786609045
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Despite widespread recognition that we are living in an era of mass globalization, there has
been a startling resurgence of nationalism in many regions of the world. Alongside this
development, many new national museums are being built or refurbished, pointing to the
critical role the telling of history plays in processes of building national identity. From new
museum construction to the re-purposing of colonial monuments, and from essentialized
narratives to spaces which encourage visitors to dream, this book explores the
development and influence of national museums in three contemporary Asian societies –
Singapore, Hong Kong, and Macau.


Part 1: ‘Legacies’

Part 2: ‘Performances’

Part 3: Transformations


Emily Stokes-Rees is associate professor of museum studies at Syracuse University, USA.

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