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Higher Education and Regional Growth

Higher Education and Regional Growth

Local Contexts and Global Challenges

Edited by Rick Wylie

Publication Date: Feb 2018

Pages 136

Policy Network

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The specialisation, knowledge and innovation brought about by universities often play a key role in the economic success of cities and regions. Yet higher education is also increasingly regarded, in some European countries and regions, as an economic sector in itself, whereby the measure of success lies in the ability to attract international students and set up international partnerships. Universities need therefore to find successful strategies responding to global challenges and fitting local contexts.

This edited volume brings together a collection of international and regional experts on the subject of higher education and regional growth. It explores the changing role of universities in a globally competitive environment and the way in which they interact with the regional business and policy community. This publication builds upon a seminar co-organised by Policy Network and the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) Applied Policy Science Unit, which was funded by the Samuel Lindow Foundation and took place at UCLan on 12 December 2014. It brings together the wide array of evidence presented at the event and provides the reader with additional input from academic experts.

Foreword, Andrew Adonis / Preface, Rick Wylie / Introduction, Rick Wylie / Chapter 1: A New Role for Universities in Post-Brexit Britain, Maddalaine Ansell / Chapter 2: Towards the Very Model of a Modern University, Mike Thomas / Chapter 3: “Not a World Apart”: Universities in Regional Settings, Rick Wylie / Chapter 4: Entrepreneurial Universities in a Regional Context, John Lonsdale / Chapter 5: The Governance of a Globalised University: Towards Global Localisation, Graham Baldwin and Rick Wylie / Chapter 6: Universities Impacting on their Region – A Case Study: The North-West Universities Association 1999 to 2012, David Briggs and Keith Burnley / Conclusion: The Regional Role of the University, Patrick Diamond

Rick Wylie is Samuel Lindow Academic Director at the University of Central Lancashire's West Cumbria campus, Principal of the Samuel Lindow Foundation and Executive Director of the UCLan Applied Policy Science Unit.

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