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Growing into Politics

Growing into Politics

Contexts and Timing of Political Socialisation

Edited by Simone Abendschӧn

Publication Date: Oct 2013

Pages 292

Hardback 9781907301421
Paperback 9781910259382
This book presents up-to-date empirical research on crucial questions of political socialisation. It suggests new approaches and answers to a classic, but still valid question of political socialisation research. The volume maintains that political socialisation is no universal or independent phenomenon, but one significantly shaped by the surrounding parameters of the society in which it is embedded. Therefore, deficits in political socialisation research have become especially clear in light of political and societal changes over recent decades. The book contributes to two important discussions in the study of political socialisation: first, the question of the (relative) importance of socialisation agents and contexts, second – inextricably interwoven with the first – the timing of political socialisation. From a European perspective, articles in the volume shed light on old problems and topics of the field, using new methodological approaches or dealing with long-neglected perspectives such as young children's democratic learning or political socialisation. Includes quantitative approaches as well as innovative and explorative case studies.

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