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Globalisation of Nationalism

Globalisation of Nationalism

The Motive-Force Behind Twenty-First Century Politics

Edited by Liah Greenfeld

Publication Date: Sep 2016

Pages 328

Hardback 9781785522147
£65.00 €90.00 $100.00
Paperback 9781785522642
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Organised as an experiment testing the hypothesis that behind the hottest political issues of the quarter-century after the Cold War lies globalisation of national consciousness, this collection of essays unites authors from the four corners of the world. They focus on democratisation and its failure in Russia, transformations of identity in Eastern and Western Europe, Africa, North and South America, and South-East Asia, the rise of militant and political Islam, and the eruption of China onto the world stage. The volume makes the argument that globalisation we are witnessing is, for the most part, the globalisation of competitive and antagonistic nationalism, which spreads to areas where it was not known earlier and into the sphere of religion, ostensibly indifferent to it. Collectively, these essays prove that nationalism remains the organising principle of politics inside nations as well as at transnational and international levels.

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