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Global Development Ethics

A Critique of Global Capitalism

By Eddy M. Souffrant

2 Reviews

This book introduces and explores a theory of global development ethics, revealing some of the challenges to projects of global development and including coverage of core topics such as immigration, technology, famine, race and capitalism. It is ideal for advanced-level courses in Global Ethics, Development Ethics and Applied Ethics.

Paperback ISBN: 9781786604699 Release date: May 2019
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Pages: 272


Cases of famine, governmental overreach, political abuse and neglect persist even in today’s globalised world. Corporate malfeasance, disregard of the environment, and blatant ignorance of the instigators of disasters large and small also continue to register high human costs. In trying to address this, theorists have attempted to elucidate a global ethics that would prescribe courses of actions even when individual and direct causal agency cannot be identified.

Following in this tradition, Eddy M. Souffrant explores the concept of a global development ethics, taking in topics including famine, immigration, capitalism, race, and technology. He demonstrates that defining the constituents of a global development ethics depends on a successful analysis of the theoretical and practical structures that cause such global and seemingly intractable conditions. He challenges existing conceptions of global justice and argues for a theory of global ethics that relies on our commonality, such that enables us to welcome the `other’, thereby fuelling our recognition of the inequalities that motivate prospective development projects. Ideal for advanced-level students in global ethics, global justice and development studies, this text articulates a vital new ethics of human development.

Introduction / 1. Recognition and the 'Other' / 2. Hospitality and the Immigrant / 3. Famine and Development / 4. Liberal Democracy and Race / 5. Capitalism and Transparency / 6. Technology and Development / 7. The Ontology of Global and Cosmopolitan Ethics / 8. Ethics of Development / 9. Global Ethics / Bibliography / Index

Eddy M. Souffrant is Associate Professor of Philosophy at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. He is the author of A Future without Borders?: Theories and Practices of Cosmopolitan Peacebuilding (2016), Identity, Political Freedom, and Collective Responsibility: The Pillars and Foundations of Global Ethics (2013) Formal Transgression: John Stuart Mill's Philosophy of International Affairs (2000) and co-editor (with Danielle Poe) of Parceling the Globe: Philosophical Explorations in Globalization, Global Behavior, and Peace (2008).

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2 Reviews

Eddy Souffrant’s Global Development Ethics exceeds the critique of global capitalism signaled by its subtitle. Galvanized by the contradictions between human rights and arbitrary aid following the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, Souffrant poses and examines global ethical questions of identity, recognition, equality of opportunity, rights, and inclusion. This erudite and deeply reflective text should inform future development law and policy.

Naomi Zack, professor of philosophy, Lehman College, CUNY

Eddy Souffrant’s writing returns continental thought to the sphere of development ethics, restoring approaches neglected since the departure of Denis Goulet. Souffrant’s relational approach, his focus upon race, and his case study of recent international efforts and their failures in Haiti are all welcome contributions to ethical discussions of global justice.

Eric Palmer, Editor, Journal of Global Ethics, President, International Development Ethics Association

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