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Generation Europe

Generation Europe

How Young Europeans Need to Step Up and Save Their Continent

By Sandro Gozi

Publication Date: Jan 2018

Pages 182

Policy Network

Paperback 9781786607928
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Ebook 9781786607935
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The decision of the British people to leave the EU was a political earthquake. A seemingly never-ending round of challenges – from the migration crisis, to continuing terror threats and the euro’s woes – has left the EU in a crisis of confidence. The consequent rise in nationalism and populism has too often seemed to leave the continent’s existing generation of leaders floundering.

But there is hope. A new generation of European leaders is rising to political seniority. Behind them is a new generation of European voters, less beholden to the past. They are ‘Generation Europe’. Shaped in an age of smartphones, low-cost travel and cross-country initiatives like the Erasmus programme, they share a different perspective.

In a passionately argued mix of personal story and policy prescriptions, one of the leading members of ‘Generation Europe’, Italy’s centre-left Europe minister, Sandro Gozi, takes us on a journey through the challenges his continent faces. Exploring causes and solutions, he reflects on his cohort’s commitment to building cross-border policies that will address common problems and start to give Europe brighter prospects.

Suddenly Brexit / 49 Boulevard Voltaire / Moving away from crisis management / The challenge of migration / The Mother of All Questions / Let us continue to be ourselves / The digital opportunity / Towards tomorrow’s Europe

Sandro Gozi is Europe Minister (Secretary of State for European Affairs in the office of the Prime Minister) in Italy’s centre-left government. He has served as an MP since 2006.

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