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Foucault, Neoliberalism and Beyond

Foucault, Neoliberalism and Beyond

Edited by Stephen W. Sawyer and Daniel Steinmetz-Jenkins

Publication Date: Apr 2019

Pages 208

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Few philosophers have garnered as much attention globally as Michel Foucault. But even within this wide reception, the consideration given to his relationship to neoliberalism has been noteworthy. However, the debate over this relationship has given rise to a great deal of polemics and confusion.

This volume brings together leading figures in the field to provide a reliable guide to one of the most controversial subjects in recent continental thought. It puts across the case for Foucault’s importance for post-colonial, race, queer and feminist studies, among other areas, and opens up his relationship to neoliberalism to offer a broader picture of tensions brewing within the Left more generally.

  • Introduction: Stephen Sawyer and Daniel Steinmetz-Jenkins
  • Chapter 1: Michael Behrent, Neoliberalism: The Highest Stage of Anti-Humanism?
  • Chapter 2: Serge Audier, Is Foucault a Good Guide for Understanding, Critiquing and Combatting Neoliberalism?
  • Chapter 3: Daniel Zamorra, Finding a “Left Governmentality”: Foucault’s Last Decade
  • Chapter 4: Aner Barzilay, Rereading the Birth of Biopolitics in Light of Foucault’s Early Reading of Marx
  • Chapter 5: Dotan Leshem, Foucault, Genealogy, Critique
  • Chapter 6: Duncan Kelly, Michel Foucault on Phobie d’État and Neoliberalism
  • Chapter 7: Claudia Castiglioni, Foucault, Neoliberalism, and the Iranian Revolution
  • Chapter 8: Luca Paltrinieri, Neoliberal Selves: Human Capital Between Bourdieu and Foucault
  • Chapter 9: Judith Revel, Not Fostering Life, and Leaving to Die

Stephen W. Sawyer is Associate Professor of History and Chair of the History Department and cofounder of the History, Law and Society Program at the American University of Paris.

Daniel Steinmetz-Jenkins is Fellow for Political Thought at UC Berkley.

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