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Fair Work

Ethics, Social Policy, Globalization

Edited by Kory P. Schaff

This book explores a timely topic for philosophers, social scientists, and policy makers concerning ethical theory, social policy, and modern work. It offers international perspectives and comparative analysis that will appeal to academic and policy audiences around the world.

Hardback ISBN: 9781786601766 Release date: Jul 2017
£85.00 €119.00 $126.00
Paperback ISBN: 9781786601773 Release date: Nov 2018
£24.95 €34.95 $39.95
Ebook ISBN: 9781786601780 Release date: Jul 2017
£24.95 €34.95 $37.95

Series: On Ethics and Economics

Pages: 150


Fair Work explores topics relating to work and labor at the intersection of ethics, social justice, and public policy. The volume brings together essays by scholars in philosophy, education, economics, and law that draw our attention to significant issues raised by the transformation of modern work. The first part examines work in the context of traditional ethical issues such as virtue, dignity, and justice, while the second part includes critical investigations at the intersection of ethics, social policy, and globalization on topics such as education and job credentials, happiness in the workplace, women and exploitation, open borders and migrant labor, and human rights. This volume will be of interest to students, professors, social scientists, policy makers, and informed citizens trying to understand the complex issues facing workers in the era of globalization.

Preface / Part I. Ethical Theory / 1. The Gamer Ethos? Virtue, Work, and Play Jennifer Baker / 2. Dignity on the Line: The Kantian Ethics and Economics of Work Mark D. White / 3. A Right to Work and Fair Conditions of Employment Kory P. Schaff / Part II. Ethics and Social Policy / 4. On the Arc of Opportunity: Education, Credentialism, and Employment Randall Curren / 5. Work and the Economics of Happiness Masanori Kuroki / 6. Family Unification Admissions and Skilled Worker Migration Matthew Lindauer / 8. Women’s Labor, Global Gender Justice, and the Feminization of Responsibility Serene Khader

Kory P. Schaff is Lecturer in Philosophy and teaches on the Ethics in Engineering Program at California State University, Los Angeles.

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