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Exploring the Political Economy and Social Philosophy of James M. Buchanan

Edited by Paul Dragos Aligica, Christopher J. Coyne, and Stefanie Haeffele

Part of the series Economy, Polity, and Society

Publication Date: May 2018

Pages 252

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James M. Buchanan, winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics in 1986, was a pioneer of public choice and constitutional political economy, as well as contributing to many fields of study, including philosophy, political science, and public finance.

Each chapter in this volume seeks to explore, critique, and emphasize the continuing relevance of the vast contributions of Buchanan to our understanding of political economy and social philosophy. The diversity in topics and approaches will make the volume of interest to readers in a variety of fields, and accessible to scholars from a variety of backgrounds providing the opportunity to further a cross-disciplinary exploration and discussion on market process theory.
Introduction, Paul Dragos Aligica, Christopher J. Coyne, Stefanie Haeffele / Part I – Explorations and Extensions / 1. Rawls, Buchanan, and the Search for a Better Social Contract, Brian Kogelmann / 2. Horses & Carts and Justice & Rules: Getting the Order Right, Benjamin Johnson / 3. The Problem of Rule-Following in American Political Thought, Connor Ewing / 4. Longer Term Lengths? Political Capital Accrual and Monitoring, Mackenzie Endress / 5. James M. Buchanan on Scientific Politics, Darren Nah / 6. Artifactual Beings, Artifactual Institutions, Paul Baumgardner / 7. Buchanan and Arrow on Democracy, Impossibility, and Market, Brian Kogelmann / Part II – Interdisciplinary Applications / 8. Exchange, Search Theory, and Buchanan’s Foundations of Politics, Brian C. Albrecht / 9. State Leviathan and Tax Competition Under a Federal Constitution, Thomas Choate / 10. Public Choice and the Study of Autocratic Survival, George Derpanopoulos / 11. Potential Contributions from Sociology to James Buchanan’s Theoretical Agenda for Economics, Adam Bleser / About the Authors
Main-stream philosophy has rediscovered economics, but economists’ jargon and styles of argument are often inaccessible. This volume presents fresh critical interpretations of the work of the 20th century’s premier political-economic contractarian, James Buchanan. Written by some of today’s best young scholars, the essays consider Buchanan’s contributions to social choice, contractarianism, and normative public finance. An essential compendium for professors and serious readers.
Michael C. Munger, Director of PPE Program, Duke University
Recently, James Buchanan has been an object of controversy along personal and political lines. This timely collection of papers engages the work of Buchanan in the appropriate spirit of academic critique and appraisal. A highly recommended collection for political theorists generally and in particular for those seriously interested in Buchanan's work.
Geoffrey Brennan and Hartmut Kliemt, Editors of The Collected Works of James Buchanan
Our fate as scholars is mostly to pass and be forgotten with the rest. James Buchanan’s fate is different. While he died in 2013, this collection of essays by advanced students from many universities shows that Buchanan’s work still inspires new scholars. It also introduces us to some bold thinkers whose work we will be studying in the coming years.
Richard E. Wagner, Harris Professor of Economics, George Mason University
Paul Dragos Aligica is a senior research fellow and senior fellow at the F. A. Hayek Program for
Advanced Study in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics at the Mercatus Center at George Mason

Christopher J. Coyne is the F. A. Harper Professor of Economics at George Mason University and
the Associate Director of the F. A. Hayek Program for Advanced Study in Philosophy, Politics, and
Economics at the Mercatus Center.

Stefanie Haeffele is the Deputy Director of Academic and Student Programs and a senior
fellow for the F. A. Hayek Program for Advanced Study in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics at the
Mercatus Center at George Mason University.

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