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Europeanised or European?

Europeanised or European?

Representation by Civil Society Organisations in EU Policy Making

By Dr Sandra Krӧger

Publication Date: Mar 2016

Pages 234

ECPR Press

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This book looks at how agricultural, environmental and anti-poverty organisations engage with EU affairs; the ways they conceive of interest representation and the strategies they choose to represent their constituencies across the regional, national and European levels of governance; and how being engaged with the EU affects them. Taking a subjective approach in which the perceptions of civil society actors are centre-stage, it breaks new ground in covering the different levels of governance and combining representation theory with EU studies. Kröger finds that these groups for the most part are quite ‘Europeanised', and as such can work against the institutional deficit of the EU. However, they do not defend a European interest, as opposed to regional, national or sectoral interests, are therefore not ‘European' and can do little against the social deficit of the EU. This is particularly true for the redistributive policy fields of agricultural and social policy, where actors often mention the lowest common denominator policies of the EU and, as a result, often engage in bilateral interest representation strategies.


Acknowledgements vii

List of Abbreviations viii

Introduction 1

Chapter One – The Contribution of CSOs to Legitimate

Representation in the EU 7

Chapter Two – Research Design 37

Chapter Three – Representation by Agricultural CSOs 59

Chapter Four – Representation by Environmental CSOs 89

Chapter Five – Representation by Anti-Poverty CSOs 129

Chapter Six – What we can learn about Representation by CSOs in

EU Policy Making 175

Appendix 195

References 209

Index 225

Sandra Kröger is a senior lecturer in the politics department at the University of Exeter. Before joining Exeter, she was a lecturer at Bremen University, a Marie Curie fellow in Exeter and a fellow at the Hanse Wissenschaftskolleg in Delmenhorst. Her research focuses on different forms of political representation in the European Union, particularly by national parliaments and by civil society organisations. She has published widely on the topic and also is the convenor of the ECPR Standing Group on Political Representation.

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