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Europeanisation and Party Politics

Europeanisation and Party Politics

How the EU affects Domestic Actors, Patterns and Systems

Edited by Erol Külahci

Publication Date: May 2012

Pages 228

ECPR Press

Paperback 9781907301841
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A sophisticated theoretical framework and up-to-date analysis of the Europeanisation of domestic party systems and political parties' policy stances. This book covers a range of contemporary topics: party systems, policy stances of political parties, opposition/co-operation over European integration, cleavage theory of party response to European integration, domestic depoliticisation and EU representation. It presents a sophisticated political analysis of Europe, and an exceptional amount of factual information about European countries and parties.


Chapter One: Introduction to European Integration, Party Systems

and Political Parties

Erol Külahci 1

Chapter Two: The ‘European Integration’ – Cleavage in the Party

System: The French Case

David S. Bell 17

Chapter Three: The Europeanisation of the German Party System

Isabelle Hertner and James Sloam 35

Chapter Four: Europeanisation and Partisan Structure in Italy

Nicolò Conti and Luca Verzichelli 55

Chapter Five: A Differential Europeanisation? The Political Parties

of the United Kingdom

David Hanley and John Loughlin 77

Chapter Six: Europeanisation and the Party System in Greece

Christoforos Vernardakis and Iosif Botetzagias 95

Chapter Seven: The Spanish Party System and European Integration

– a Consensual Europeanisation

Rafael Vázquez-García 109

Chapter Eight: The Europeanisation of Poland’s Political Parties

and Party System

Jean-Michel De Waele and Anna Pacześniak 125

Chapter Nine: The Romanian Party System’s Europeanisation:

An Open Bet

Sorina Soare 145

Chapter Ten: The Strange Case of the ‘European Parties’

Stefano Bartolini 157

Chapter Eleven: Conclusion: Country Comparison

Erol Külahci 171

Erol Külahci's research focuses on comparative European politics and in particular domestic and European political parties. He specialises in European Higher Education and Research policies and programmes with developing countries and has developed initiatives with universities and research centres in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. He is a member of the Centre d'étude de la vie politique (CEVIPOL) and one of the founders of the Young ECPR Network on Europeanisation. His other work includes the book La social-démocratie et le chômage (Editions de l'Université de Bruxelles, 2008) and numerous articles for international journals.

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