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Deleuze and the Humanities

East and West

Edited by Rosi Braidotti, Kin Yuen Wong, and Amy K. S. Chan

4 Reviews

The volume is inspired by Gilles Deleuze's philosophical project, which builds on the critique of European Humanism and opens up inspiring new perspectives for the renewal of the field.

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Series: Continental Philosophy in Austral-Asia

Pages: 222


The volume is inspired by Gilles Deleuze’s philosophical project, which builds on the critique of European Humanism and opens up inspiring new perspectives for the renewal of the field. The book gathers leading scholars in the field of Deleuze, while also bringing together scholars from Europe and North America (the West), as well from Asia (the East), in order to create a lively academic debate, and contribute to the growth and expansion of the field.

It provides both critical and creative insights into some key issues in contemporary social and political thought. More specifically, the volume hopes to start a critical evaluation of the reception and creative adaptation of Deleuze and of other Continental philosophers in the Austral-Asian region, with special focus on China.

1. Introduction – R. Braidotti, A. K.S. Chan, K.Y. Wong
2. Defamiliarisation and the Act of Reading World Literature – Grant Hamilton
3. Transversally Yours: Deleuzian Love and Zhuangzian Qing – Sebastian Hsien-Hao Liao
4. Deleuze and Ikeda: Two Concepts of Revolution – Tony See
5. An Encounter with Lufsig: Political Affect Meets the Nomadic Postcolonial Subject – Evelyn Wan
6. Deleuze, the Image of Thought and Art: Representation and the Meaning of Art in Henry James’ The Real Thing – Jason Leung Cham-sum
7. Staging Attempts on Her Life in Taiwan: Kimmy Liu’s Production at Nanhai Gallery – Lia Wen-Ching Liang
8. Two Meditations on ‘Becoming-Animal’, Territory and the Origin of the Artwork – Gregg Lambert
9. Traditional Chinese Medicine and the New Humanities – Amy Chan
10. The Yin-Yang Assemblage and Deleuze’s Transcendental Empiricism: How Daoism became Posthuman – Kin-yuen Wong
11. Getting In and Within: Matter Realist Feminism, Deleuze and ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland – Clara TANG Hein Man and Cynthia LAM Wing Nga
12. Bringing Them into the Fold: Deleuze, Francis Bacon and Three images for an East-West Humanities – Michael O’Sullivan

Rosi Braidotti is Distinguished University Professor and founding Director of the Centre for the Humanities at Utrecht University.Her most recent books are : Posthuman Knowledge (Polity, 2019), The Posthuman Glossary (coedited with M Hlavajova, Bloomsbury 2018), Posthuman Ecologies (coedited with S. Bignall, Rowman &Littlefield 2019) and Conflicting Humanities (coedited with P Gilroy, Bloomsbury 2016).

Amy K.S. Chan is Associate Professor in the Department of English Language and Literature at Hong Kong Shue Yan University.

Kin Yuen Wong is Professor in the Department of English Language and Literature at Hong Shue Yan University.

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4 Reviews

A zigzagging journey across unique singularities of words, flesh, art and organisms inflected within each other entirely newly unravelled through Asian cartographies of sense and affect. This volume creates flowering dynamic dialogues that elucidate the rhizomatic reaches of Deleuze and the gift his philosophy brings to both understanding and creating new heterogeneous global connections.

Patricia MacCormack, Professor of Continental Philosophy at Anglia Ruskin University

It is an intellectual adventure of the first order to join these zig-zagging East-West journeys, as new encounters that split open the assumed world come to seem possible, and affective voyages remake the gestures composing territories. A fresh and eye-opening take on the meaning of the Asian century, re-imagined as also a Deleuzian century.

Fiona Jenkins, Associate Professor of Philosophy at Australian National University

A sharp and timely collection; and one like no other. Each chapter sets up a fascinating interaction between the trio of: Deleuzian and Deleuzo-Guattarian theory; inventive approaches to aesthetics, politics, ethics, culture and knowledge; and East Asian contexts of thought and practice.

Matthew Fuller, Professor of Cultural Studies, Goldsmiths, University of London

The well known theorist of the Posthuman and the Nomadic Subject, Rosi Braidotti, with Amy Chan and Kin Yuen Wong of the University of Hong Kong, has staged this first remarkable encounter between Eastern and Western readers of Deleuze, by putting together a brilliant collection of essays distinguished by the judicious choice of its subjects, the calibre of its contributors, the lucidity of their presentation, and the strength of their argumentation. The volume will be an indispensable reading for all those interested in the transversal relationship between Deleuze's philosophy of Life and Difference and the Asian naturalistic and holistic tradition; in a joint East/West effort to displace anthropocentrism in favour of a sustainable, nomadic subjectivity; and in a transcultural attempt to revitalize the traditional Humanities, inside the new alliance between philosophy, science and the arts, capable of regaining the trace of the Deleuzo-Guattarian itinerary.

Constantin V. Boundas, Professor Emeritus, Philosophy Department, Trent University, Canada

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