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Culture and Commerce

Cultural Policy and Economic Value in the Creative Industries

By Ruth Adams

Examines the relationship between cultural values and economic value, and how this has been managed over time and around the world in a variety of contexts.

Hardback ISBN: 9781783480432 Release date: Jul 2019
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Paperback ISBN: 9781783480449 Release date: Jul 2019
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Ebook ISBN: 9781783480456 Release date: Jul 2019
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Pages: 208

Culture and Commerce tracks the often contested, if unavoidable, relationship between culture and commerce throughout the modern and post-modern periods. Although culture as commerce (and vice versa) is not, as the book will demonstrate, an exclusively contemporary phenomenon, it has been given an increased significance in recent decades by the emphasis on ‘creative industries’, in government policy, economic discourse and academic teaching and research.

Locating the principal roots of the culture and commerce debate in European Romanticism and the Industrial Revolution, it poses the question of whether culture and commerce are mutually exclusive or mutually dependent, exploring the issue in a wide range of contexts, from high art to popular culture, private enterprise to public policy, the local to the global.

Introduction/Chapter 1. Culture & Commerce: Etymologies & Histories/ Chapter 2. Funding the Arts: Private Patronage, the Public Purse and Corporate Sponsorship/ Chapter 3. Worlds Fairs: From the Great Exhibition to the Millennium Dome/ Chapter 4. Cultural Tourism: The Grand Tour to Lonely Planet/
Chapter 5. ‘The Bilbao Effect’: Cultural Regeneration/ Chapter 6. The Heritage Industry/ Chapter 7. Art and Advertising/ Chapter 8. Sex and Shopping/ Chapter 9. Sport: Just a Game or Global Industry?/ Chapter 10. Pop!/ Chapter 11. The Art & Business of Broadcasting/ Chapter 12. Design: the Application of Art to Industry/ Chapter 13. New Media & The Digital Age: The Future of Culture & Commerce?/ Conclusion

Dr Ruth Adams is a lecturer in Cultural & Creative Industries at King’s College, London. Her current research interests include national identities, the use of new media by cultural institutions, youth subcultures, cultures of the left, cultural institutions and society, cultural consumption and social class, and postcolonial identities and culture.

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