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Critical Animal Studies

Towards Trans-species Social Justice

Edited by Atsuko Matsuoka and John Sorenson

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This volume offers an important contribution to the field of Critical Animal Studies. It charts new territory by showcasing recent research, key debates and emerging trends and features an international and transdisciplinary team of academics and activists. Ideal for advanced-level students in Critical Animal Studies and the wider Social Sciences.

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This important book charts new territory by showcasing some of the newest developments in the rapidly-growing field of Critical Animal Studies. Critical Animal Studies presents a radical ethical and normative challenge to existing systems of power in the context of neoliberal capitalism and to the existential structure of speciesism. The essays in this book link activist and academic approaches to dismantle the exploitation and oppression of nonhuman animals. Featuring an international team of contributors, the book reflects the transdisciplinary character of Critical Animal Studies, with chapters by activists and academics from disciplines across the social sciences, including historical archaeology, political science, psychology, geography, law, social work and philosophy. The book provides advanced-level students with an ideal introduction to a wide range of perspectives on Critical Animal Studies, amongst other things proposing new ways of considering animal advocacy, decolonization and liberation.

Introduction: Critical Animal Studies, Atsuko Matsuoka and John Sorenson, PART 1: ACTIVISM / 1. Animal Agency, Resistance, and Escape, Sarat Colling / 2. Tolstoy, Bearing Witness and The Save Movement, Ian Purdy and Anita Krajnc, PART 2: REPRESENTING ANIMALS / 3. Disengagement in Journalistic Discourse about Nonhuman Animals: An Analysis, Karen Davis / 4. Advertising Oppression: The Reproduction of Anthroparchy on UK Television, Matthew Cole and Kate Stewart / PART 3: NEW DISCIPLINARY ADVANCES / 5. Animal Emancipation and Historical Archaeology: A Pairing Long Overdue, Daniel Sayers and Justin Uehlein / 6. Political Animals? Finding Space for Animals in Contemporary Political Science, Paul Hamilton / 7. Making Space for Anarchist Geographies in Critical Animal Studies, Richard J. White and Simon Springer / 8. Psychological Implications of Undervaluing Animals, Gordon Hodson and Kimberley Costello / PART 4: ANIMALS & THE LAW / 9. Building a Better Legal Order for Animals: The Benefits of Beingness as an Alternative to Personhood in Rethinking Law’s Response to Animals, Maneesha Deckha / 10. Posthumanist Animal Studies and Zoöpolitical Law, Krithika Srinavasan / PART 5: PHILOSOPHICAL ARGUMENTS / 11. Animal Ethics and the New Materialism, Josephine Donovan / 12. Affectiveness and the Nonhuman World: Examining the Critique of Empathy, Elisa Aaltola / 13. The Radical Potential of Analytic Animal Liberation Philosophy, Jason Wyckoff / PART 6: INDIGENEITY AND ANIMAL RIGHTS / 14. The Roots of My Indigenous Veganism, Margaret Robinson / 15. Indigenous Worldviews and Critical Animal Studies: Decolonization and Revealing Truncated Narratives of Dominance, Ruth Koleszar-Green and Atsuko Matsuoka

Atsuko Matsuoka is a professor in the School of Social Work at York University. Her publications include Ghosts and Shadows (co-authored with John Sorenson, 2001).

John Sorenson is Professor of Sociology at Brock University.His many publications include About Canada: Animal Rights (2010), Ape (2009), Ghosts and Shadows (co-authored with Atsuko Matsuoka, 2001) and Imagining Ethiopia (1993).

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4 Reviews

New Directions in Critical Animal Studies is a comprehensive and wide-ranging transdisciplinary volume that will surely set the standard for years to come. Essays by scholars and activists capture the essence of this ever-growing field. This forward-looking book would be an excellent choice for undergraduate and graduate classes, as well as established academics, who would benefit from learning how to improve human-animal relationships in an increasingly human-dominated world.

Marc Bekoff, author of The Animals' Agenda: Freedom, Compassion, and Coexistence in the Human Age and Canine Confidential: Why Dogs Do What They Do

In this powerful, pioneering volume, Matsuoka and Sorenson astutely assess the state of Critical Animal Studies and assemble a diverse and interdisciplinary group of scholar/activists who illuminate the path forward toward justice for all humans and other animals. This indispensable work expands critical thinking while charting the activism needed to challenge the systems of power and domination that underlie the intersectional forms of oppression.

David Nibert, Professor of Sociology, Wittenberg University

This stimulating collection, assembled by renowned scholars, exemplifies the full breadth and maturity of Critical Animal Studies. With authors representing disciplines ranging from archaeology to psychology and employing theoretical frameworks as diverse as analytic philosophy and critical indigenous studies, Critical Animal Studies persuasively demonstrates that questions concerning animals are among the most significant and transformative questions of our age.

Matthew Calarco, Professor of Philosophy, California State University

This anthology contains evocative and smart essays by talented authors that further our understanding of trans-species social justice. I learned from them all, was stimulated and surprised by a few of the turns the essays took, and argued with a few. All in all a good sign of a robust anthology that contributes to a vital scholarly and activist issue—the status of nonhumans.

Carol J Adams, author of The Sexual Politics of Meat

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